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At 1:55am on May 20, 2018, Debra Mulnick said…

I am so sorry to read you’ve been so ill.

i read that yesterday and last night I dreamt we met.  We were both wearing our pajamas (I frequently work in mine at home and love wearing them) and we hugged.  You looked fantastic and we were very happy to meet!  Interesting dream, huh?  I seldom remember my dreams so I thought I’d share it.  Sending love & healing thoughts to you

At 4:33am on May 8, 2018, emily louise said…

mail art mailed today !   see you in the mail! 

At 6:54pm on May 6, 2018, Charlotte Geister said…

Hi dear Carolyn, I am glad that the elephant card arrived and cheered you up!

I am back from Greece and really exhausted, because it was not a vacation,but a Trip with 25 18year old pupils to many famous places on the Peleponnes like Olympia, Mykene, Epidaurus and Messene. We sketched and painted a lot ( all had to do, but not everyone loved it really) and we had lovely weather. So we were on the beach also. 

Now I try to regain power, but I think it will last some time till I feel all powerful again.

But I hope we stay connected as well.

Best wishes from Germany 


At 5:36pm on May 4, 2018, Richard BAUDET said…

Hello  Clyne ! 

At 9:18pm on April 24, 2018, emily louise said…

Wow!  that's quite a spectacular dot painted envelope you sent me!   I also like your note paper--lucky me to get extras of a collage.   I feel I am slow in answering too for exactly the same reasons although not so much napping.  I just seem to be semi-retired but just as busy as ever-at least I'm doing things I like.  Thank you sooooooo much for your warm appreciations of my envelope.  I get shy about seeing my envelopes as art so your appreciation is very helpful to counteract that.  I will be sending you some mail art soon--see you in the mail!  

At 4:39pm on April 24, 2018, Norma Soulet said…

Hi Carolyn,

Something went out in today's mail for you.


At 5:39am on April 12, 2018, Mike Parsons said…

J-E-L-L-O  ... animal, vegetable, mineral or ?? ... awesome card and letter C.C.

At 2:16am on April 12, 2018, barbargirl said…

Thanks for the cool mail art-posted a pic on my blog.

At 11:19pm on April 11, 2018, Norma Soulet said…

Hi Carolyn,

Hope you are doing well.

You can send me the Add "N Pass if you like.


At 6:29pm on April 11, 2018, Diana Hale said…

Thank you for returning the experiment page, I can't wait to see it!  I will be sure to open it very carefully.  I am about to take a little trip, so if you don't hear from me for a couple of weeks, don't worry, I am sure the page will be safely waiting at the post office when I return.

At 11:52pm on April 10, 2018, Borderline Grafix said…

Vic Jones is looking for some add and passes, but not the ones he started.  You can send the ones he started back to me, if you want, or another member.

At 7:08pm on April 4, 2018, Jay Block said…

Glad it arrived, best

At 12:17pm on March 29, 2018, Charlotte Geister said…

Dear Carolyn, Coming back from a short holiday trip I found your thrilling mail art at home!

Thanks so much for the fascinating little artist book! first I did not Know what it could be (it looked a bit like a sort of bread) and then I discovered, that you must have burned holes in this very delicate paper! Real GREAT! I am just a fan of artist books so I am really happy!

I will send you something soon!

Best wishes 


At 2:36pm on March 24, 2018, Bonniediva said…

Hey Darlin! I got your wonderful envie full of delights! Thank you and I'll have stuff coming your way! Hugs, Bonniediva

At 7:05pm on March 23, 2018, K Rolina Artist said…

Oh, silly me!  I was thinking it was a Chinese dog because of the current Chinese year - now I need to look up Mayan art, it sounds really interesting.  Anyway, the stamp is beautiful, I love it!

At 9:07pm on March 22, 2018, K Rolina Artist said…

Thank you very much Carolyn for the beautiful artwork which arrived today.  I was delighted to find it waiting for me in my post box when I got in after a long day!
I love the burned-out holes for the asemic writing, what a great idea.  I also love the dancing figure stamp on the envelope as well as the Chinese dog on the back.

Again, thank you so much! 

At 4:27pm on March 16, 2018, emily louise said…

I love the variety of your mail art!   You give me lots of ideas.   I'd love to exchange mail art with you if you would like to.  emily louise  po box 7032, eureka, ca 95502

At 3:55am on January 21, 2018, arttower said…

At 5:50pm on January 9, 2018, Bradford said…

Personally, I am gratified when someone uses any of my artistamps on their outgoing mail.



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