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At 9:57pm on August 19, 2011, Marcia Cirillo (Fifi LePew) said…
Thanks, Neil. I can't remember what was on the back. I posted something else to you today, the experiment suggested by SH.
At 7:46pm on August 19, 2011, Jim SantAmour said…
I can't take credit for the peeps - but I can appreciate good art and design when I see it!
At 5:45pm on August 18, 2011, cheryl penn said…
Neil - are you still in Asemics # 4?  People are ready to post - let me know soonest - thanks :-) X
At 5:14pm on August 18, 2011, DKULT said…
Got my Bush Buck today! love all the other stuff you included too those napkins are priceless. Those will definately go in one of my trash books. Great trashpo too thank you Neil! Ironically I just looked up your address this am to send you some art:)
At 4:24pm on August 10, 2011, Valentine Mark Herman said…

Bonjour Monsieur Gordon! I just got your package -- WOW and thanks! The 1947 album is great, and will be treasured. I still have my First Ever Stamp Album (circa 1953), but I gave it to my son when he was a youngster and he removed most of the stamps from it...however it's still more or less intact. Also mercy buckets for all the stamps and other stuff. Do you want me to fill in the proust questionnaire, or was that just to get me thinking about things (like my appearance, mygreatest fear, etc)?

I'll be mailing you something back at the weekend (I hope), but don't get too excited about it cos it won't be nearly as good as that what you sent me -- or something more gramatically correct.

Thanks again,

Regards, JE Sweefoo

At 6:06pm on August 9, 2011, DKULT said…

Morning Neil,

Just got your card in the mail.Love your should be bumper sticker "I Dumpster Dive for Art Supplies" that's a winner! I love seeing the way you put together the different elements and can say I haven't cracked the code of how they all go together, but it's very intriguing because there seems to be a message entertwined throughout. also love your fab key drawing.. is the drawing in the middle a kiss or a bomb? either way thanks will send you something soon


At 7:53pm on August 5, 2011, PIRO said…

Hi Neil

Got your card today. "Cherry Blossom Asemic". Been searching all the surface and found WE ARE ART. Fish shape and 33333., other symbols. Colors are great and the time you took to make and deliver is valued. I'm delighted. Thanks !!!!!

At 12:59am on August 4, 2011, 1cgqtuoblpeqc1cgqtuoblpeqc said…

hey i got your mail today!

there is a very strong smll on some of the paper, but i can't place what it is!!!

what is that smell?

At 5:02am on August 3, 2011, 1cgqtuoblpeqc1cgqtuoblpeqc said…

that is the cutest one i've seen you post, erni.

i've had a very troubling night.

now i can go to bed happy! ;-D

At 4:23am on August 3, 2011, 1cgqtuoblpeqc1cgqtuoblpeqc said…

are we having another bailout?

i thought the chinese stopped buying our debt.

At 4:09am on August 3, 2011, 1cgqtuoblpeqc1cgqtuoblpeqc said…
if you do take up singing, be sure to post a youtube video so we can hear!!! ;-D
At 11:21pm on August 2, 2011, 1cgqtuoblpeqc1cgqtuoblpeqc said…
i have a friend i game with sometimes who has to have her inhaler with her everywhere she goes!
At 10:44pm on August 2, 2011, 1cgqtuoblpeqc1cgqtuoblpeqc said…

it does.


just hearing that brings back memories!!!


they pumped him full of it trying to bring him back.


it may seem weird, but i appreciate it.

having it triggered like that -

sometimes you think you forget things;

it's good to know they are still lurking in there somewhere. ;-D

At 10:34pm on August 2, 2011, 1cgqtuoblpeqc1cgqtuoblpeqc said…

don't worry about it.


i've got far more bitter food on my plate this week!!! (a poem i wrote for DVC about grieving)


and that last link has links to all my older works.

my most intense, IMHO, is "epineph" which is still sitting in the garage waiting to get mailed to someone. if i ever have money for it!!!

At 12:03pm on August 2, 2011, 1cgqtuoblpeqc1cgqtuoblpeqc said…


i wasn't trying to be mean.

i did i to brighten up their day!

they're just people, man. ;-D


sure the system sucks.

but it's not the individual's fault.

At 1:26am on August 2, 2011, 1cgqtuoblpeqc1cgqtuoblpeqc said…
At 12:19am on July 29, 2011, 1cgqtuoblpeqc1cgqtuoblpeqc said…

hey neil, you have until AUGUST 31,

still plenty of time!!!!

At 7:42pm on July 28, 2011, Lesley Magwood Fraser said…
Hi Neil! Yes it is my work for Asemics 16#4. I think it is old English, from a book called Sir Gawain and the Greene Knight. Glad you like my bookie!
At 4:58pm on July 28, 2011, cheryl penn said…
Neil - I DID - I apologize if I did not say thank you :-( -but I DID return one to you which you should be receiving any day :-) Hold on for about 2 weeks before posting Asemics # 4 - MOST people I am certain about, but there may be some withdrawals - so I will put the thumbs up in the group - glad you're definitely in! Looking forward to seeing what you do with Asemics :-) X
At 6:11pm on July 27, 2011, PIRO said…

Hi Neil

I just mailed you a postcard and the Zombie Add and Pass.



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