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At 6:42am on June 7, 2009, Hugo S. Porcaro, Jr. [Rev.Hugo] said…
I love my swine.. I got it today.. It's Great!
Very Cool! Its all about line!
At 1:37am on June 3, 2009, luís filipe gomes said…
Great work Berube.
At 11:05pm on April 22, 2009, Celestino Neto said…
Welcome Berube!

My Mail-Adress (snail and/or E-mail)
Projeto Lobo - Wolf Project

Subject: Wolf
Technique: Free
Maximum size A4
Beginning of the Project: 2007
Ending of the Project: 28/11/2009
At 12:07am on March 5, 2009, Chantal Laurin said…
thanks for the love bug, David !
At 10:10pm on March 4, 2009, Chantal Laurin said…
wha? nah interested in a Spring Bug !!!
At 3:03pm on February 26, 2009, Jennifer Kosharek said…
OOOOOHHHHhhhhhh I'm in the second batch! Can't wait! Hello Mr. Berube... I'm getting ready to assemble Zine #6... if your questions are done... if not maybe for #7. Anywho--hope all is well in NYC. And I love the hand coloring of the Feb. batch 2 example.
At 9:08am on February 25, 2009, Medwolf said…
"Glad to see that I'm not the only one who has reservations about David Zack´s 'disappearance/ death'. I have been reading accounts of it from 1994 on that are each different. The Mexican prison seems a constant as does some sort of ¨bad paper¨. His ¨crime¨ has been described variously as welfare fraud ,living off his dead parents' retirement checks, claiming dependent children that didn't exist, and failure to pay spawn support for some who did. Sounds like simple fraud or forgery or somthing like that. Would Mexican courts have any jurisdiction or interest in American Social Security, Welfare, or Aid to Dependent Children? So why all these different and incredibly seedy stories?

"One report claims that after his release he hobbled across the border into a Texas nursing home to die . (What nursing home? Any death records?) Another states that one of his legs had been amputated in a Mexican dungeon. 'Here' he died in ´85 but 'there' in ´95 ...huh?...

"In 1968 when I was a student of Dave´s at S F A I and his neighbor on Stiner Street we sat in the front room at Rainbow House and he told me about the curious disappearances of Arthur Cravan, Ambrose Bierse and B. Travan. THEY had all disappeared in Mexico without a trace. Stories still circulate about them. Seems a very literary way to go, all romantic and mysterious. There is also a reference to the Cravan, Bierse, Travn disappearances on that incredibly dense, link heavy and anti-semantic ¨9 by 9 squares¨ URL that shows up if one runs Zack´s name into Google . What about his life extention center and this Marty Cantsin fellowS? curiouser and curiouser.

"Certainly no one consistent version of his alleged disreputable demise. He may well be beastlydead. Still, Dave was a prankster and I wouldn't be at all surprised if he pops up again some time. If not perhaps tabloid rumors may surface : AGE´D PROFESSOR THOUGHT TO BE DEAD FOR 20 YEARS FATHERS BRITNEY´S LOVE CHILD !!! To me that doesn't sound any more bizarre than the rest." (John Dean, May 2002)
At 12:49am on February 25, 2009, Medwolf said…
hola mi amigo got your card today..thank you its way cool and as for you thinking who zack really is or was hmm check out this link
At 6:59pm on February 24, 2009, MARRALI CALOGERO said…
beautiful !
At 1:26pm on February 21, 2009, Heute said…
Your 'BUG' is so interesting!
At 3:16pm on February 18, 2009, Aristotelis Triantis said…
thanks for your friedship
At 9:57am on February 18, 2009, Simon Corry said…

visit the world of mylaststar

hello, thanks for the add, how are you?

Simon Corry

illustrator | | official blog
At 8:03pm on February 17, 2009, Carla Cryptic said…
This is one of my favorite page designs! Nicely done. :)
At 9:05pm on February 11, 2009, Samuel Montalvetti said…
At 1:36pm on February 11, 2009, Jennifer Kosharek said…
The reason I asked about changing the bug theme was because I thought you had self-portrait as a theme before... Hope that makes sense! I like your feb. bug... perhaps someone will kiss me like that again! Ha. Is your Ft. Lauderdale friend someone who you see in NY? I like the wire sculpture... it's nice to be creatively minded. Have a great day!
Oh... can I interview you for my zine? I could email a set of "questions" ... nothing too personal and mostly just fun. Let me know if you want to do it... I could also include a piece of your art! I currently sell the zine on etsy and at The Arts Center in downtown St. Pete. And I give away the rest!
A fun thing I've been doing...
Sketchbook Project... they also have other projects going on that you may be interested in!
At 4:15pm on February 7, 2009, Keyla Holmquist said…
Berube greetings from Venezuela.

The 6th World's Poetry Festival 2009 will take place on june and july as a tribute to a venezuelan Poet named Juan Calzadilla (National Prize of Plastic Arts 1996).
This event will be sponsored by Ministerio del Poder Popular para la Cultura and Casa Nacional de las Letras Andrés Bello, so my art archive willheld:

Everything received will be exhibited – Documentation [to all of you].
Everything sent will be part of the MAIL ART ARCHIVE KEYLA HOLMQUIST.

All the material has to be mailed to:

Keyla Holmquist
Apartado Postal 326
Maracay 2101
Estado Aragua VENEZUELA

DEADLINE MAY 31,st 2009

All the material should be sent perfectly packed in order to prevent damage and with a copy of a data card, stuck on the back of the package.




Measures UP TO A4 MAXIMUM. The base or pedestal needed should be provided by the artist.



Collage, visual poems, process poetry, illustrated poetry, labyrinth poems, phonetic poems, audible poems, semiotic, palindrome, holopoems, concrete poetry, video action, photo action, object poem, pseudovisual poetry, braille poetry.


All videos will be admitted, shortfilms, photography, documentaries, animations that do not exceed 8 minutes of length and they must be delivered on CD or DVD format ready for its presentation.


They will be admitted on CD or DVD format ready for its presentation including the credits, the photography, the list of the soundtrack that was used and the name of the author.


the audio format admitted has to be:
Wave 44,100 Hz 16 bit stereo
Mp3 from 96 'til 320 KPSS
If the expression is audible, high fidelity required.
At 2:58am on February 6, 2009, Medwolf said…
ur card arived yesterday..thank you fellow mail artist for the bug card lol I hope it isnt a government bug with built in tracking devices lol keep smiling I sent u a smile and a new mission in the mail...
At 3:41pm on February 4, 2009, Ivan Zemtsov said…
Hi David, I'm already thinking about bugs & insects! Thanks for invitation to participate! Have a nice day!
At 10:06am on February 2, 2009, Ivan Zemtsov said…
Dear David,

Thank you for your invitation to become your friend at this site! I highly appreciate what you do in Mail Art!

Last week I received your New Year card. The images of both sides are posted at my blog:

Do you have any announced mail art project?
At 8:59am on February 2, 2009, Claudio Romeo said…



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