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At 6:08am on July 9, 2011, Thom Courcelle said…
oh goodness... I know that we had a pop-up camper that trailed behind the car and that we used to stay at some of the camping grounds mostly. It was the exotic thing to do for a young family I think.  My mother so loved the beaches (and still does).  We also haunted Short and Long Sands Beaches.  And of course my great-grandmother and her sister lived in that yellow gingerbread house in Strawberry Banks, so we would stop to see her during trips.  It seemed so far away from Vermont when I was a small little child--in some ways, everything is so compact in New England, I think we used to consider distances as much greater than they actually were. Surprisingly, both my brother (and his young family) and myself live on the west coast now, though our parents still live in Vermont.  // You are very right about the wonderfulness of mail art correspondence. It's been a joy to "meet" people, and terrific for inspiring one's self--of allowing one's self--to MAKE art and be creative!
At 5:18am on July 9, 2011, Thom Courcelle said…
Why Nancy Bell Scott-- So nice of you to leave me a note on my blog!  And you are not far away from Portmouth NH at all!  Do you know my family used to take summer trips to Old Orchard Beach in the summer?  Wow!  I would be pleased to be able to send you some poste artistique in the near future.  Please keep an eye out for it...  All the very best to you, and I hope you will have fun releasing your own art into the postal miasma here.  All the very best, Thom C
At 4:28am on July 9, 2011, Sharon Silverman said…
Hi Nancy...In regards to your question about my Black & White Project...You can send me anything. If the white is too faded because of age, I will scan it and run it through a program to make it a more pure black & white. I thank you for your inquiry. Sharon
At 8:46pm on July 8, 2011, Theresa Ann Aleshire Williams said…
Nancy, I look forward to sharing many thoughts with you. I looked for a long time at your website last night. I truly love your work and the way you describe your process.
At 8:36pm on July 8, 2011, Patricio - The Celestial Scribe said…
Nancy, nothing is different this side.  To go to the post office is the nice part of this to me:  something is on its way.  On the other hand, it´s death time.  Ou babies purchase one-way tickets only. Life and death, a process that is not diferente in the mail art kingdom.  I´ll keep you posted on your baby.
At 12:32pm on July 8, 2011, 1cgqtuoblpeqc1cgqtuoblpeqc said…
At 6:38am on July 8, 2011, Theresa Ann Aleshire Williams said…
Hi Nancy, I will be excited to get your card.  Yes, and I'm also looking for letters about creativity from anyone, to anyone.  (So if you do it and want me to put it on the blog, be sure to keep a copy of your letter before you send it.)  I think sometimes that people are losing the ability to discuss their creative lives, their hopes and dreams, those quiet thoughts that we often have in the night that we can't quite articulate.  Letters are for that, trying to explain these things.  That's what essays "should" be, but they have become so formulaic, at least in academia, so I began using letters as a way to get students to think in a new way.  Maybe we are about the same age, and when you get to be this age, things start coming together:  things you once loved return to you, old desires and loves, things like making art (or writing a letter).  But sometimes there isn't a place for it to "go," someone to send it to who would understand.  People's relationships get very fractured, and it can be hard to find people of a like mind.  I hope to get to know you better!
At 9:52pm on July 7, 2011, Theresa Ann Aleshire Williams said…
Nancy, thank you for joining the Literature and Art group.  For now, the way it works is you send something to me and then I will reciprocate.  That way we can all get to know each other, and later we can do other projects, too.  So I look forward to your piece.  I teach literature at a university (and creative writing), so literature and writing are so much a part of my life.  It always excites me, combining art and literature.  So glad you like the idea, too.  I keep a blog called "The Letter Project" where I like to post all kinds of letters and mail-art that pertain to the creative life.  I try to encourage my students to write and send letters!  Many of them have never sent a letter or gotten one in the mail.  Amazing, isn't it?
At 8:15pm on July 7, 2011, 1cgqtuoblpeqc1cgqtuoblpeqc said…

some people don't bother photographing, of those that do ususally do in their own way, i don't believe there is a proper "protocol." you can either just upload the photo, upload the photo and notify the person you received the art, write a blog, etc.


my own method is to photograph, post to the relevant blogger blog (i run several), then notify the person i've received their mail and give a link to the blog post, then put the physical mail into a stack that waits a response.


but that's just my own system; everyone seems to have their own!


i hope you fiure out yours!!!

At 6:34am on July 7, 2011, Nadine Wendell-Mojica said…
Hello from California! Spent a few summers in Maine and a dear friend lives in Raymond, Maine. I'll send you a card of welcome.
At 12:58am on July 7, 2011, Patricio - The Celestial Scribe said…
At 9:35pm on July 2, 2011, Theresa Ann Aleshire Williams said…
Hi Nancy, I haven't been here long but have enjoyed it so far.  I looked at your site and really like your work.  Hope you have a happy 4th.
At 10:16pm on July 1, 2011, Patricio - The Celestial Scribe said…

This is a friendly welcome to the network, from a friendly mail artist living in a friendly country. A good starting around here seems to be snail mail art exchange.  I would like to be the other side on this very beginning with you at IUOMA.  Your  envelope should read as follows:

Patricio Duprat

Av. Paraná, 1489 apto. 1004




I look forward to see your piece arriving on the mail.  I will send mine to you after receiving yours.  It’s my promise.  Patricio

At 7:29am on July 1, 2011, Julie McBee said…
Welcome! This is such a fun site. Take care :)



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