Well, of course, first there is the package!(red and green...what, no blue?( Aha, "PRIORITY" is blue!)

Art work and philosophical moments for the postal gal clerk at the post office pick-up counter to examine:

Oh, Erni! Big birds and tiny humming bird, too!

"Jeff" (who?) is wise indeed, especially while attending an exhibit of

Ancient Greek Art...(that is the goddess Athena over his shoulder):

Erni's "gals" are present on the outside package (inside too, you'll see soon):

in BLUE, for the sweet blue blockhead....(and not "drunk" blue, either)

Oh, Erni! Gals of all ages love ya!

Open package, and wondrous goodies come forth:

You know how many a mail artist saves the package from cereals

because it is a nice sturdy card stock for sending mail art collages?

Well, the Haptic Werewolf sends the WHOLE cereal box...and cereal within, too! xxx

Pure Cerealism!

TWO great Erni collages were enclosed, too:

Very nice Oh, Erni gals and yellow and bar code...

flip side with sparkling BLUE (found trashpo, as we do NOT smoke)

and yellow UHU! (the world sticks with UHU):

Here we have the second collage with an Erni gal and a tiny vintage matchbox gal too: Oh, Erni!

And not to be prejudice only for the young gals...Erni includes "mature" admirers, too, on the flip-side!

Well, this is a super package,

the Haptic Werewolf is always full of great and happy surprises!

Keep smilin' Erni, and thank you muchly for ALL!

Here's lookin' at you, kid! xxxKate

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Comment by Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat) on August 24, 2012 at 1:18pm

oh, THAT Jeff! Sure...the guy with the shiny balloons :-)

He attended classes at the School of the /Art Institute of Chicago,

I must have bumped into him in the hallways back then?



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