Naked Soles: An Artist's Book by Gerda Osteneck (Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada)

Gerda 10.9.2019 - 1a

Mail art by IUOMA member Gerda Osteneck (Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada)


October 9, 2019 - Somewhere along the dusty and circuitous trail a rumor spread in the Eternal Network (I believe mostly thanks to Marie Wintzer) that I had a peculiar interest in obtaining the inked or painted footprints of women via the postal system.

For a time, I received foot art from women (and a few men). But the truth is I have little interest in women’s feet; the whole thing was a joke at my expense. This sordid affair did generate some interesting art, which is documented elsewhere. I believe there is an IUOMA-Ning group devoted to foot art that was founded at the height of this minor mania. But little has happened in this area of late and foot fetish art – thankfully – has faded.

Imagine my surprise, then, at receiving this wonderful artist’s book of footprints from the great Canadian artist Gerda Osteneck. I have no idea if Gerda knows my history with foot art. I tend to doubt it, but I was compelled to confess my history with the painted heel and the inked toe. This context could possibly disrupt my usual objectivity. Regardless, Gerda Osteneck has created a wonderful artist’s book that I am thrilled to archive and document.














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Comment by PATRICIA LANDON on October 10, 2019 at 2:33pm

so nice to see foot prints.

I  have collected over 500  hands from around the world in various mediums for my retired project.

Looking for a good home for them to be exhibited. 

ANY takers?



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