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New Book available

B&W Version of Statements Collection on Mail-Art by Ruud Janssen. Reprint of statements written in period 1993-2008 on the subject of mail-art. These statements were first published as pamphlets. Later on the Internet, and now as a collection in one book. Some statements and texts were also published on the Internet first and later as print-out sent into the network. The last part of this book contains visual statements made when the Millennium… Continue

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CHAT is enabled

The CHAT-function has been enabled on this IUOMA-platform. It means that there is an extra button where you can go to the CHAT-place. You can see who is online and communicate directly to them (if they are on the same CHAT-place as well). It works direct and quick. On the Main Page of the IUOMA-platform there is a small CHAT-window as well. You can follow the chat-sessions, take part, and discover this new tool.

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Umbrella's for Judith A. Hoffberg - USA

Judith has stopped doing email but she still enjoys getting snail mail with images of umbrellas.

Send your umbrella's to:

Judith Hoffberg

POB 3640

Santa Monica,

CA 90408 - USA

Judith is editor of the 31-years old magazine Umbrella's in which she always included a secton on mail-art. She has been diagnosed with cancer and is arranging things for her final journey. As a friend I start this call where you can send her some Umbrella's to join her in… Continue

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Community open for everybody

The concept of this platform is as open as it can get. Any member can invite anybody. An outsider though has to be invited by someone from inside to prevent spammers from taking over. It is the same as how mail-art works. You discover a person who is doing mail-art. Send him mail, and he opens the mail-art network bu sending you more details of the mail-art community. So this concept is simple and good. Open communities without memberships dont even last a week because all kind of spammers take… Continue

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TAM Rubberstamp Archive

When you receive one of those rubberstamp sheets, please send them back to the archive. There are about 20,000+ sheets in the archive already from about 3000+ mail-artists during the last 25… Continue

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The money will be used to keep the IUOMA-platform alive. Current donations keep platform online till 1-mar-2021.   If you want to donate to get IUOMA-publications into archives and museums please mention this with your donation. It will then be used to send some hardcopy books into museums and archives. You can order books yourself too at the IUOMA-Bookshop. That will sponsor the IUOMA as well.










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