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Fartastic, Skullerific and Cockeyed...just how I like my mailart!!!

Fartastic my first piece from Steph Dodson and what a piece, love the bubbles and the colors :) 

and on the back a great story of how a lederhosen hissy fit shut down an entire city's tram system.  Very funny, thanks Steph! :)

Then I got this envelope for my Hippy Dippy Artcall fro Guiliana de Fiori in Brazil. …


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It's a triple with Dean Marks, Svenja Wahl and Diane Keys

Barcodes are human too!  I wholeheartedly agree and love this card, the 3-D parts jump off the page and keep my eyes moving all around it.  I keep picking it up for another go.. Thanks Dean :)))))))))

Then our friend from Heidelberg sends I Do Smell Roses...I do too and I think it may be coming from my mailbox!  This is very cool, thanks Svenja :)…


Added by Arac on May 22, 2012 at 4:24am — 3 Comments

A la Claudia McGill or McMailart as I like to think of her :)

First this BIG colorfully painted envelope

and inside this creepy but colorfully fun double sided painted collage which reads

The forest is strangely sinister

I think I heard someone's footsteps

But I don't see anyone...…


Added by Arac on May 22, 2012 at 4:01am — 3 Comments

Two sweet pieces from Janine :))))))

First this romantic man, looks adorable and feels great too!!!

Then these wonderful paperdolls.  They are hard to appreciate from this scan but they are wonderfully creative.  Not only do they stand on their own but each has an outfit sewn on them and if you look from the other side these little cuties look as if they are peeping over a white fence.  Thank-you very much Janine. What a treat, these little guys greeted me after being out of town :))))))…


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The story of the snowman by Vizma :)

In this little matchbox, resting on a bed of wool from her sheep I got this little snowman from Vizma

As I dug deeper I got the story of How the Snowman became an Arac....WOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!

She says it reminded her of The Monkees guitar and I totally agree.  Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!!!! I've been stamping it on everything around and…


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A Crafty Mailart Gift from Sarah Churchill :)

 Personalized which is extra special for me...I can never find my name on stuff ;)

First peak...packed full of arty goodness <3

First out, 4 arty slides and everyone is different...…


Added by Arac on May 5, 2012 at 6:39pm — 7 Comments

Birthday Bonanza from The Bruns Babes

Always exciting to get one of these screams Vizma as soon as I pull it from the box!!!!

but when I turn it over, I realize it's a Double Bruns.  Everyone here knows The Viz(she's hard to miss) but you may wanna keep your eyes peeled for Liene, her 13 yr old niece and mailart protege …


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