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Books from Nancy Bell Scott (USA) and Marie Wintzer (Japan)

A book: An object filled with pages bound by a cover. Thats what the dictionary says anyway.  Could that be a suitable description? No, I'm certain its too finite.  Books  are living spaces to become immersed in, multifaceted creatures, each holding within a complex set of codes, structures and textual and/or visual experiences.  To me they are perfect art vehicles – no matter their form, medium, function or visual presence. “Boekies” is a term we have come to know well at IUOMA – it is an…


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ZALOP gains further Fluxus Nuances - from Ruud Janssen.


I always think of Z at the back. The end of the alphabet. The lonely letter with the fewest words. I think Ruud has managed to change this with his Fluxus words. If we made a purely Fluxus Ruud Dictionary – I think Z is coming up top? ZALOP now has a series of variations:

ZALOP - the original Fluxus word given by Ruud meaning - ABSOLUTELY NO WAY DEFINITELY NOT NADA NIX.

ZALOPU -  A particular tone of ZALOP - the tone of NO WAYS!!!

ZALIP - This word comes with a…


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SO many FABS :-) - not too many comments :-(

If you've got time and money (just a few cents - sense? ) be sure to attend David Staffords School for the Natural Lowering of Self Esteem. IF he does not succeed with your self esteem, I am certain he can achieve lowering your hair.  Especially hers. Although, the bouffant - is it coming back? 

IF that School does not appeal to you, attend the Daycare for Your inner…


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Three is Company AGAIN from Marie Wintzer, Japan

Conceptually its quite difficult to portray the words we cant say – without being obvious.  Once again though,  Marie has succeeded in subtly expressing an idea. This time, her concept is The Words Encaged.  Those words we want to express, but never do. 

The things left unsaid. Circumstances that don’t allow the verbal expression of what we would dearly love to… Continue

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John Bennett and Matthew Stolte - When Partial Words Collide - and adding Jim SantAmour!

John sends me - and others - the most wonderful things :-).  I have NO idea why, but they just YELL at me to add to them - I'm sure some of you feel that?  John is also a well known ZALOPIST.  ZALOPISTS inhabit ZALOP City in the World of Emphatics.

ZALOPISTS make maps to secret doors leading to ZALOP City.  Its very difficult to find you  see.  This is NOT a FAKE map -…


Added by cheryl penn on November 1, 2011 at 12:57pm — 44 Comments

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