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A Blog post for Frank Odette - "etc"

THIS I am very privileged to receive - a complete artist's book by Frank Odette in Australia titled "etc"

This volume is drawn, collaged, handwritten and inked into a soft cover commercially bought graph book. But Frank has removed it so far from its original intent - it now exists as the journey of Coyne and Frank - the etc travels of these two. "In 1985 Coyne said goodbye to his wife and kids and left to play a beer festival in… Continue

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IUOMA Cat DayThe Second flood has arrived - cards from Lilac Girl, Lisa, Bifidus Val and Katerina

Mail Art received 24th November 2010

The trickle became a flood with all the cat cards jostling for space in the post box - the catnip made them settle down of course!

The first I opened was from Lilac Girl - a great first tactile card swop - this cat looks as grumpy as Jelly Bean! I hope there will be more!!

Then from Lisa at Skybridge Studios (wanted to tell you I love that studio name by the way!) her calming cat card with a… Continue

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A Blog Post for Atte Ourie NO WAY Atte - Come to the Party!!

Mail ARt received 21 November 2010

Dearest Atte, I know we dont know you and all that but PLEEEZE! Come to the party, stop being isolated and alone in Finland - we're not so bad here!!

I've googled. I've asked, etc etc - Roy (RBCz) gave me a clue - could it do?

"I've always simply assumed Atte Ourie is a Finnish name; if you start looking, you'll find 'atte' means 'you' in Finnish while 'ourie' means a 'chill drizzle -- bleak… Continue

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A Blog for RCBZ "Alexander Wept"

Mail Art Received Beginning November 2010.

Across the ether eye RCBz spotted a title that tickled his keyboard.

The result was a series of 10 postcards which will be collated into a book. The first problem Alexander encounters is the Rubik's Cube. As opposed to ONE Gordian Knot, over 100 million cubes… Continue

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A Blog for Heike Sackmann - "Mail Art Babes"

The second of Heike's Mail Art Babes arrived from Germany on 11th November 2010.

Soon after joining IUOMA I received Heike's first Mail Art Babe

Erni Barr commented a while back that Heike's work was similar in style to Hannah Hoch's. I agree - these collages are quite edgy. I asked Heike about her work - she wrote this in reply -

"The mail-art Babes represent all mail-art… Continue

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A Blog Post for Brent Leopold. There's a Pig on My Head!

Mail Art Received 10th November 2010.

Brent's work arrived in a flourish - Prem the postman was eager to deliver this one! He always sits on my 'stoep' to drink orange juice because its such a long way up the hill. He's old and the walk exhausts him - but this time he could see what was INSIDE one of my exciting envelopes.

"Whats that on his head?" he…


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A Blog post for Karen Champlin "ARt so Bad it's smelling up the joint"

Mail Art Received 8th November 2010

I opened my envelope with great excitement - my bad art had arrived!

And if I got in on time, its sitting just above her other piece of bad art.

Karen a piece of bad poetry for you:

Bad Or Not

I Just Glad I… Continue

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A Blog Post for Snooky and Angie

I confess I was despairing at never having received a corgi in my post!

But here Snooky is - Snooky plus feet. Thank you Angie.

I have never been to Ayers Rock - would love to - been as far a Oodnadata (what a wonderful word) which was 8/9 hours drive from Adelaide - and we were just more than a third of a way to The Rock. Oodnadata is near where the Mad Max movies were filmed -… Continue

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A Blog Post for Franscoises Cheyne by Cheryl Penn "I spied with my little eye a bug maybe!"

Mail Art received 29th October 2010.

What a delight greeted me early last Friday morning - this beautifully wrapped artwork from Francoises. The card on the font read: "After cutting up a canvas of an orchid in a pot, I spied with my little eye a bug maybe!! Hope you can see him, Love Fransoises."

Of course I saw him - he was trapped under a piece of glass added by Franscoises.…


Added by cheryl penn on November 7, 2010 at 9:40pm — 1 Comment

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