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Xmas comes early from Katerina :-)!!!

Sometimes life is just LIFE!!! With too many things to do in too little time - we ALL have days like that I imagine. Yesterday was one of THOSE days... BUT, obviously knowing that, the POTROLL (post office troll) delivered two wonderful surprise packages.  This was the first.  A package from Momkat that included a diary book from the Museum of Byzantine Culture titled - The Backstage of the Museum.  The foreword reads : "The existence of a museum is condensed in a four-fold concept:…


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Binding Project 26 - IUOMA Collaborative Mail Art Project.

The Day had finally arrived. Project 26 was to be bound.  After nearly six months, all the chapters were to find a home - together, in once place. Lesley and Lauriana joined me and the first three copies of this limited edition book are now complete.

MANY thanks to all the artists involved in this project.  It was a long haul, not without its ups and downs, but the results - SO worth it!!  As described by De Villo in the introduction - we have "witnessed artists from around the globe…


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Marie Wintzer - A Date and Place of Birth

Its Marie’s birthday today. Birthdays are wonderful – they’re the day we began.   The day we begin to be formed through cultural influences, family ties, history and genetics.  The beginning of the search for personal identity. Serendipitously today, through a booklet Marie sent me I googled Alsace in France, a place of meaning for Marie. And wow – to come from a land that is so ancient, that its current population has blood strains going back to 1500BC – that for me is amazing, coming from…


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Bones of Contention Mail Art from Angie Cope

In the most FAB envelope made from an acetate map, Angie sent me the FIRST contribution to the Bones of Contention Project - Angie, its a FAB :-)

There are various debates happening on IUOMA about interpretation, meaning, the meaning of meaning - I think the discussions are wonderful :-).  Angie wrote:

A Bone of Contention...

Trust the Teller…


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Accessing Asemics - Work by De Villo Sloan

Asemic writing – it belongs to the post literate genre, right?  Free floating, mind unbound,  experimental, abstract. It hints at meaning, whilst denying specific content.   It may use visual language structures whilst negating language concepts in its illegibility.  It certainly free floats in the avant-garde, rooting itself (sometimes) in the earliest forms of writing.…


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A blog for Frieder Speck

Mail art received 1st week of May, being officially Autumn.  It was my lucky day that I welcomed Frieder to the collaborative book group.  He sent me a Leperello. 

Leporellos are  small folders almost,  which open out  to a large format.  An accordion bound book is a typical example of this type of book .  Frieder wrote in between his drawings that he uses paper as…


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Sewn Asemics from Marie Wintzer

Another sucessful Conceptual Work from Marie In Japan.

Most of the time we think of books as modular entities. Neat pages, filled with images and text.  Legible text,  a language system encased.   When one is confronted with shadow writing, it needs another sort of book then, not so?…


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A Book made from the Mail Art of Lesley Magwood Fraser - From Lesley with Love

FROM LESLEY WITH LOVE - a home for the mail I have received from Lesley from late November 2010.  Lesley was one of the founder members of The SA Mail Art School. Many of her Mail Art pieces have been incorporated  into my diary books and have been on numerous exhibitions.  Its was time for Lesley's mail to have its OWN home!…


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