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A Blog for Karen Greenwood -The Tale of The Cave of Crowetjie Fistak

 The Tale of The Cave of Crowetjie Fistak

 Karen’s instantly recognizable fantasmical winged creatures are very familiar to artists who have corresponded with her.  As a recipient of Karen’s meticulous, well crafted work for over a year, I was so pleased to  receive an answer to my request for an alternate fairy story.  The invented world of Karen is presented from her envelope right through to  her title page – The find of a cave begins with what’s in there.  For SURE!…


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A Blog for Heather Miller.

Ancient Asemic Text.

Heather always sends thought provoking artworks – this is no exception. An asemic textual fragment, aged and shadowed.  I am reminded of Phoenician Alphabet scrips from the 5th century, the marks here embedded in paper instead of basalt.  Maybe its not paper. Its feels like a coating, the skin of a wall. 

 Overleaf –…


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'Fear in Fukushima' - from Guido Vermeulen Belgium.

Frightened Bird.  This is the first mail art correspondence  I have received from Guido – and the first from Belgium.  He describes his expressive painting on the envelope as his “4th painting  on the haunting situation of Fukushima".  

I used ‘expressive’ to denote Guido’s use of exaggeration and distortion because I am reminded of van Gogh who used…


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From Jen Staggs - Here is a Wee Boekie

Jen asked me a VERY difficult question last year.  That was to write to her about the processes I use in my work.  My  reward – this boekie. And a Key. 

A key to unlock Jen’s block.  The very kind note reads “Dear Cheryl, Here is a wee boekie you inspired me to make – the quotes are from your letter about your processes.  Thank you for helping me out of my…


Added by cheryl penn on April 19, 2011 at 6:58pm — 9 Comments

From David Stafford - Penn Marks

David sends fantastic fold books – copies of them.  I asked for some MARKS.  As he thinks I’m very unclear with instructions (I DON’T think you’re the only one :-) - (but then again maybe it’s a semantics thing???) I clarified – I would like (phrased as I WANT) ORIGINAL Stafford marks.

Marks by definition – for me – being the original inscriptions, pencil…


Added by cheryl penn on April 18, 2011 at 7:23pm — 9 Comments

From Angela Cope - The World is a Town Contribution

I received this FAB contribution to The World is a Town project from Angie.   Going in Circles.

She’s right you know.   Even the world is a circle from which there is no escape.   Circles carry  iconic coded messages all of their own. …


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From Katerina - additions to my Grecian Column

I receive alot of mail from Katerina - thank you for always thinking about me :-) I have chosen 2 favorites - The exclamation!!!! OF COURSE!!!! And the Pennsylvania Asemic Boekie - another OF COURSE!!! :-) I am still learning my way around the intricacies of an apple - so this takes fortitude let me tell you!!!

And, those of you who correspond with me KNOW THAT I…


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From Marie Wintzer - Toxic Riding Hood

Toxic Riding Hood - the Font! I love the font.

Marie was feeling stuck, clutching green hand-made paper in hand and I had just completed an alternate version to the Trojan horse.  I could just IMAGINE what would happen if experts were confronted with evidence that historic ‘facts’ as we know them were proved to be undisputedly false? What then?  So I said to Miss Stuck (but only for a moment let me tell you!) – send me an alternate version of Little Red Riding Hood.



Added by cheryl penn on April 16, 2011 at 2:10pm — 5 Comments

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