a knuckle-dragging neanderthal of a newb, is nonplussed

NOTA BENNY, i just posted the same message as a blog post; my befuddlement knows no bounds. f this is not good etiquette here, please cut a rank beginner a break, okay? thanks a zillon!

thurs 03/09/2017 15:30

THIS ISN'T MEANT AS A GRIPE OR COMPLAINT!but i'm feeling somewhat overwhelmed and confused by the site. there's so much here for me to take in and figure out. i do not know where to post messages like this one so that the wider IUOMA can see them-- here, on this page? on *my* page?  is it preferable to frame my messaging as a blog post or in the discussion forum?

where and when and how to introduce myself further -- i ain't sure, do folks read each others' profile pages and use them to communicate, or by putting up their messages in the public space?

where IS the public space?

where is the bathroom?

how do i invite people to be friends? and find folks whose interests are simpatico?

when's dinner?
how does one engage with the chat?

do i just need to look around more and figure it out for myself? like i said up there, all in capital letters, this isn't me bitching and moaning, nor yet trying to be a great big attention-sucking lamprey sponge waah-waah monster; i'm just the new kid in the village who is having a little trouble learning the local folkways.

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    xx Jones

    There are various ways or various "rooms" where you can get started and Carmela sent you some very good pointers and Ruud is right, it takes a while to explore everything. But it does not matter where you start, just jump in the deep end! Set up your profile and post some stuff so people can find out more about you. The easiest thing is to favourite and comment on other people's posts and photos, quickly you will get to know some folks. Join some group if you feel so inclined. Just go up to the bar and start talking to someone. :-) Don't hide in the bathroom! 

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      Stephanie Lentz Morrison

      the site confuses me to so i just keep clicking and see what happens! -Sugar Cube

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        Lisa Malmar

        You are not alone. This is a confusing site.