The Rubber Postcard 33

Guidelines after the pictures.

Issue 33 of my mail art assembling zine The Rubber Postcard are in the mail.

Submissions are open for issue 35(issue 34 should be in the mail next week).

Submission Guidelines:
Postcard size work: 4x6 inches (10.16x15.24 centimeters)
Rubber stamp/eraser/found stamp work only. A small amount of drawing or coloring in is ok but not excessively so. No collage please(there are plenty of other zines for that kind of work). 13 multiples or individual pieces signed and numbered. Only original hand stamped work please(no photocopies). There is no theme.

Deadline: Ongoing(issues will be sent out as enough work arrives to be collated).

Address is on my profile.
  • Katerina Nikoltsou (MomKat)

    Will await this one, #33, and #32 has arrived in Athens,

    thank you, William!

  • William M

    glad 32 reached you! hopefully 33 will be there soon!