Inside the USA a lot is discussed about the elections. For outsiders it isn't always clear which powers are going on. Are there mail-art projects going on about the elections?

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I have some [light-humorous] United States political season mail art to send out. Anyone care to receive? Rules: you must be able to take it with a grain of salt no matter your political persuasion... (it's mostly bi-partisan-egalitarian, because—you know—both candidates have their quirks...)

If you reply and your IUOMA page does not contain an address, please provide one (you can message me if you don't want it public).

"U.S.A. Elections"?... & posted by Ruud Janssen?...What is this? ...just another opportunity to laugh at the silly Americans ??? ... & yes, Thom Courcelle, I'd be most interested to receive your political commentary... I particularly enjoy  so-called "mail art" that has some flavor & or "bite" to it. Many thanx. Richard Canard, 409 S. Emerald Lane, Carbondale, Illusion 62901-2140 U. S. A. D. D.

I'd love to receive. 

I definitely know who I am going to vote for this time, but think the whole election process is just as Mr. Canard described, "silly".  In past elections, I wrote in Pat Paulsen more than once!  After his death, it made my vote even more poignant, I felt.  Perhaps I'm dating myself, but so be it.  My cynicism only grows with age.

To those who receive a 2016 U.S. elections "souvenir" mail art piece—the KNIT version—the cellophane outer envelope is meant to be opened. You will find the core of the mail art inside the red-white-and-blue knit postcard sleeve. That is all. We now return you to your regular programming...

we entered the Trump phase.....

Jon Foster has a Trump call..

And it's a good one!




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