The Tree and the Sky

By Tomas Transtromer


There’s a tree walking around in the rain

it rushes past us in the pouring grey.

It has an errand.  It gathers life

out of the rain like a blackbird in an orchard.


When the rain stops so does the tree.

There it is, quiet on clear nights

waiting as we do for the moment

when the snowflakes blossom in space.


What:  Winter Solstice Mailart

When:  Now – January 2

Where:  New Tombstone Group


Who:  Send Solstice-Inspired art


     Theresa Williams

     1800 Bowling Green Road East

    Bradner, OH  43406-9783



     (All Winter-Solstice mailart sent

     to me will be documented at the     

    New Tombstone Group, IUOMA)


You can also send Winter Solstice art to anyone and post it yourself at the New Tombstone Group, IUOMA


Ideas:  Winter Solstice images might include light, sun, fire, candles, night, stars, moons, circles, trees, bells, birds, deer, ancestors, love.






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Replies to This Discussion

Here is Catherine's envelope:


A Winter Solstice piece that I sent to Ruud. A statement of my ambivalence toward teaching:


A solstice envelope from guido:

A big wish for human technical world order...


That's great...and it's great to hear from you here!

Beautiful Winter Solstice card from Jim SantAmour









Jim SantAmour's card, the other side:


Nostalgic and beautiful winter solstice card of Roberto's family in 1960.


A beautiful and thoughtful Winter Solstice card from Angie and Snooky:







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