Hello! There are a lot of little Add&Pass Boekies circulating at the moment, and I was wondering if those who like to receive and work on them might drop a comment below, making a sort of informal list -- and maybe even leave their preferences and/or an address if convenient. Thanks for considering!

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ArtbyJac says, "I enjoy making small books and enjoy working on them as well." Thanks, Jac!

I'd be happy to receive little Add&Pass boekies, as long as they are little. Please keep them no larger than two ounces / 56 grams, 6 by 4.5 inches / 15 by 11.5 cm. I'd also be happy to receive boekies from any country.

Fleur Helsingor
P.O. Box 30571
Oakland, CA 94604

Thanks Fleur, I actually received a boekie this week that I think will be perfect for you. Will send asap. Thank you for being on the list. The specifics were very helpful.

Me too! (small, light-weight bookies from anywhere.) I'm at:

Robin Jeree

4101 W. Green Oaks Blvd.

Suite 305 - #237

Arlington TX 76016 USA 

Thanks, Robin!

Boekies can go to Carolyn Cline, but absolutely "nothing over 2 ounces or that will require extra postage because of shape or dimension." Thanks, Carolyn!

Hey Add and Pass Boekie Participation Listers,

Carolyn Cline (just above) is taking an indefinite sabbatical from IUOMA due to unforseen circumstances,  so please do not send her any new boekies or Add&Pass-related mail art until further notice. Tks! <3<3<3

Yay! Maggie Mize says she would love to participate in little add and pass boekies!

"My address is on my page. It is current. I plan on sending one out very soon."

I sent out a few recently and have a few more to send when I can get more postage, maybe by next week.

That's wonderful -- congrats!




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