I shall keep to Snail Mail Art of course as much as I can although I have answered the projects which are only by email. I thought of rejecting such invitations but decided it would be wrong. Unless all land postal services around the world disappear, I imagine that some Snail Mail Art will always be produced but the bulk will soon be E-Mail Art, I suspect. What do others think?

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Postal services will stay alive for quite some time. Only the traditional letter and postcard becomes quite expensive. Transport of goods will be needed for decades. Communication in digital form increases. The new generation of mail-artists discover the creative communication. As long as it is affordable, mail-art will stay alive.

There is also the problem of defenition. Mail for the 'old' generation is something sent by the traditional mailing system. For the new generation mail is something sent with a modern communication tool. So what will mail-art be for the new generation?

Many years ago, with the introduction of computers in the office it was seriously said that soon there would not be any paper documents circulating  but now,several years later, we are still swamped with circulars, memos, letters,etc. I expect that Snail Mail Art would also survive. Would there be an elite of Snail Mail Artists though, composed of those who can afford the postal charges? I already see that I get most of my Mail Art electronically, and that is not only the younger generation. Conversely, and luckily,new and young 'recruits' send me plenty of Snail Mail Art too.

5 years later now. Snail mail still survives,,,,,,,

Hi our local post office building has been sold! there is now a post office counter inside a bookshop in our high street. Very worrying, our government will sell the Hoses of Parliament soon. Prices keep going up and as I discovered that posting a letter in France is so much cheaper I took all my mail there this last September. Also they have more sunshine.

24.10.16 Dare  Ms. Mail Art Martha, ... well, obviously you have thought this through & have been concerned for quite some time ("What does the future hold for mail art?" ...discussion presented March 18, 2011) & despite Ruud Janssen's  assurance  & prophetic reasonableness--- I find your recent news very sad. ...it certainly looks as if it is all  happening alas right before our eyes. ... & interesting to read your comment about posting letters in France but I also assume that the daily excursions thru "the Chunnel" aren't really all that convenient for you & your little traveling Mail Cart ?? You are admired & loved. All best to you, Richard Canard

Yes Richard, you have highlighted the flaw in my cunning plan to foil the Royal Mail. I haven't done the calculations, being marthamatically challenged, but probably the cost of chunnelling to France could just be a little higher than the savings I make.

Hi friends. The latest about Beckenham UK Post Office is that it is no more. At the moment workers are converting it to something else, I don't know what but surely something that makes money for somebody. I have to buy my stamps in a shop in the High Street. Sad.

Still Kevin our postman comes round with the mail art post but the staff of the PO with whom I had become friendly has disappeared. Sadder.

In the Netherlands the same happened. At the moment ALL postoffices are closed, and we only have service points at other shops. Mail is becoming a rare item......

Postal, so to speak, Mail Art is becoming a rarity, very true Ruud. Hang on to your collections folks, they will become highly collectable as antiques soon! We all will be rich.




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