Since I have never done this before, I was wondering who has already committed to doing it this time. Do people keep joining throughout the year?  Are there many who have done it more than once?  And most important to me: does anyone want to trade?

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Hi Carolyn, I did mine for every single day of 2017, Jan. 1 -Dcember 31, partly because I thought that was what the challenge was! Actually it's fine to take your time doing 365.

And....I' available for trades, and already owe you one from a recent send from you. Honestly, finding the people to send to and documenting things was way more of a challenge than just making the art every single day. However you can make it work for you, I'm happy to be a mailart pal with you. 

Good luck---it's a great experience. Ihaven't taken on a second round of it, but several have. Jan

PS you can always find the people currently participating by looking at 


Hi, Jan. Yes, I noticed you were there! LOL Wish more people would post so I could have current signs of life!

I already have gotten something out of the experience. I have learned that I get a lot more done when I attempt to answer more mailart at one time than if I do just one piece of mailart at a time. I am decorating batches of envelopes at a go, and for the first time in months I whittled my pile of unanswered things to almost nothing! I’m sitting here decorating a magazine subscription card to fill the gap.

I’m sure things will pick up now that the holidays are over. I do have other options for new people to send to, but I thought it would be nice to find some on 365. 

Yes, I did try to do something most days, but had a batch to mail out when things got hectic or I was traveling. SO having some longer sessions of making a series makes sense, and I just set it as my personal goal to actually post one a day, except in very extreme situations!

Hi Carolyn, I finished mine in took me 16 months. I sent a lot of mail, mostly people here in the network. However I also sent to families/friends once a while. And it’s always joy to trade with you!

You are so kind! It’s really nice that you took the time to answer. Sometimes I just want to hear from the other people in the group. It feels a little lonely to be the only one posting! I know there’s supposed to be a Facebook group, but we deleted our accounts when my daughter’s account got hacked leading to months of aggravation when her other online accounts also got hacked in rapid succession.

Since I work on the kitchen table there’s always a pile of supplies building up and being pushed to the back so I can do something when I can tear myself away from other obligations. I would prefer the table being clear but right now I’m pushing myself because I know there’s going to be some kind of emergency that will keep me from getting out an average of one a day.

And there are always people to send to! I get so many envelopes full of add and passes that those alone should take me through July! Love doing them. I just keep building my list of victims so I have a list of where to send them!

Carolyn, I think this would be fun to do. If going April to April is ok, this would be fun!! I remember when Stripygoose did hers birds, she asked people who would be interested in getting one. 

I started a month late, and I saw that someone started in September. I would think April would work just as well as any other month. Welcome! 




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