McFloozy mentioned Quack Day in February and I had a message from Valentine Mark Hermann telling me of an anniversary in February. I figured that it would be best to put all the dates in one discussion, so anyone could contribute and we could all dare each other to make stuff.


I figured it would be best to start a sub-thread for every month, with replies for the events perhaps? Let's see how it goes...

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Significant dates in February

February 26.


Gordon Fraser, greeting card seller, born 1911 (died 1981). Sold 100 million cards a year by the time of his death

4th February - Quacker day
Significant dates in January
24 January, 2011 is Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, one of my favorite holidays.
I love Bubble Wrap Day!

J.R.R Tolkien Day (today) Jan 3

 Positively Penguins Day Jan 9

Appreciate a Dragon Day Jan 16

Martin Luther King Day Jan17

National Hugging Day Jan 21 (I love Hugging day!)

Jan 30th is the Wolf Moon.

P.S all you lucky folks in Europe, Africa and Eastern Asia a Solar Eclipse Jan 4th


Would this be a good place to have each of us add our birthdays, or do you think there should be another thread for that?  I only see one on here and lots of other dates, so I wanted to check before starting such a thread.  I love sending birthday mail!

March 10th Day of Awesomeness : > )

January 11

Step in a puddle with a friend and splash day

Learn your name in Morse code day

Milk day

 and  World sketchnote day

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