For a current Fine Arts degree module ZEITGEIST I am developing work and processes for a  theme, How Unreal the Past Seems, that includes material I have - an archive of letters sent to and from my parents, sibling, friends, etc when I was first in the UK, plus a video of my parents bringing me home from the hospital.  I want to - apart from video and music - find ways to express the theme through minimal, unexplained objects, the draft for the first of which (to be elaborated) I will be developing.

You are all welcome to respond with mail art to the 'How Unreal the Past Seems' theme in your own way and I will incorporate contributions with full credit as part of my university exhibitions and exhibitions elsewhere online and offline.

If you want more information of what we can do - well, your response is yours! - let me know at

I will post some links here soon for blog posts of mine on Tumblr relating to the above.

Thanks and all the best, Jeremy

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I love this---no specific images/ideas forming yet, but letting it percolate.  Being a Zen guy of course I have a (non) preference for recognizing that this is the only moment that is, so the "past" as unreal seems very real to me!

Thanks so much, Jan. Looking forward to whatever your response is. :) Jeremy

Do you want actual art? Or a photo? Not sure  how people do this.

Hello Ladybelle :) Either is acceptable. In fact, digital material is welcome for this, and I will equally welcome physical.

I will.




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