Merci de participer à enrichir les archives d'Utopia en envoyant les documents qui nous manquent.

Le projet de compilation "Brain Cell - Ryosuke Cohen" ne pourra exister que grâce à votre aide.

"E" - Ambassade d'Utopia - 38 Grande Rue - 02300 Guivry - France


Thank you for participating to enrich the archives of Utopia by sending the documents which miss us.

The project of compilation "Brain Cell - Ryosuke Cohen" can exist only thanks to your help.

"E" - Ambassade d'Utopia - 38 Grande Rue - 02300 Guivry - France

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Première colonne: Numéro de Brain Cell

Deuxième colonne: Page Brain Cell

Troisième colonne: Liste Brain Cell


First column: number of Brain Cell

The second column: Brain Cell page

The third column: list Brain Cell

he third column: list Brain Cell

I received Brain Cell 800. this kind of collective exercise was new to me.   Following Oh Boy! instructions I retained the material received from Ryosuke and send back to him an artwork and 150 stickers. Is there anything that I´m missing in this story?    

Send him something today. He does a new one every 10 days with or without you.

Voulez-vous les originaux.

Si oui, je vais vous les envoyer dès que

je trouve toutes celles que j'ai reçues.

Hi "E", can you send me an e-mail with the complete lits of the missing braincells. I have to dig deep into the archive to find the low numbers. Will have a go when I know I find something I can inform you.


Hello Ruud,
I am going to prepare a list of Brain Cell which miss. I send it to you by e-mail.
Thank you for your proposal
I planned an event in 2015 for 30 years of Brain Cell. Ryosuke would come in Utopia to participate in this exhibition. Other information will come later.



I want to participate, I'm new in neuroscience. but I want to learn and do ...
I have to do ... help me. thanks

You can find Brian Cell 873, 878 and 883 here

Best regards

Wow, this is impressive.

I sent you all that I had. I just received #915.





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