The Rebel ATCers have had an awesome 1st round of Buddy Jams; be it 2 person, 3 person or 4. We have gotten some wonderful results and would love for more members to participate. Please take a look at what has already been posted on the Rebel ATC page.

Everyone has decided that we would like to keep better track of the Jams progress, and to do this we started this discussion group. Also we can have all participants in one general location, so there will be no need for scrolling through lots of posts.

I am going to send a "group" message to all our members. If, in turn, the members could forward that message through their friends' list. That way, we can invite non-members as well. The only drawback to non-members participating is that they personally will not be able to share their posts unless they become a member.  :-/

A wonderful multiple jam endeavor started by Fleur Helsingor 

William M. was kind enough to put this list are the current participants:



Grace Sanford (slow but steady)

Terry Owenby

Fleur Helsingor

William M.

An U.

Judy Staroscik

Monsenhor enVide neFelibata (drowning in starters ... be patient)

Angie Cope

Toni Hanner

Bumble Bee Cee

Jade Hutchinson 

Gretchen Brautigan

Erin Young - welcome back!


Aine Holder



Denise Woodward

Keith Chambers

Linda French

Mail Art Martha

Jan Hodgman

Amy Irwen

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I recently received a trio jam from William M, and I had a lot of fun making my additions. I got the idea for them from the "Bizarro" comic strip. The artist hides odd little Easter eggs in the one-panel cartoon, such as an eyeball, an alien in a space ship, and a piece of berry pie.

The flowers and the mushrooms are pretty easy to spot in these cards, but there is a jade-colored heart in each one, too.

ah, cool!

I can't see the hearts!

The hearts are well hidden!  :-)

I like this! Saw all the hearts.

Hello jammers. Long time no hear from me. I am catching up on a year's worth of mail art and swaps and have the exchanges almost done. I have one more jam to complete and then will be all caught up. Amy or William, I'm not sure which of you does the list now but could you please remove me from the jam list? I just don't have the time for jammin' anymore. :-) Thanks very much! I will post the cards that are ready to be mailed. 

amy was going to hand over the jammer list to me, but i think maybe there's no way for her to give administration rights to me(or at least i've no button for editing anything). so hopefully amy will see this and update the list.

Thank you, William. I'll message Amy privately to make sure she gets the message. I hope this finds you well. 

fine here. hope amy can take care of it for you. :)

William M.'s trio, sending out tomorrow. 

Lynnda Cook's trio, sending to Erin Y. tomorrow. 

Several duo jams from Erin Y. mailing back tomorrow. 




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