Does anyone have advice or tips about creating larger or mass mailouts, say 10+?

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MomKat, thank you so much for joining the discussion, and for sharing photos of your batch-making methods! I love that they allow for variation.

As a recipient, I have to say that the soft, ridged paper you use for painting is a wonderful tactile experience. I always have to "pet" it, then take in the image, lol.

p.s. I viewed your photos, as you suggested, and love seeing your work in series. I'm enthralled by the SandPo. tysm!

I went to a Risograph printing workshop recently (pre-lockdown) and went because I know it's a type of printing used for posters and zines. I came away realising it was probably the last time I'd ever see and use a Risograph machine because the print studio had just hired one for 2 days, and tutor had come from an art school miles away which does have a machine. My experiments from that course will go off into the mail soon. But it made me see possibilities in my own home inkjet printer which I'm really not making the most off for multiples of any sort.

Thanks for introducing this new technology to the discussion. I'm pretty sure other aspiring "batch-makers" will be following your inkjet experiments with interest.

res, thanks for the memories of "Sand Poetry" ( SandPo) making back in the days...of Haptic Mail Art (wow,2011!!)

and usually done in the summer months, or to warm up the cold winter days,

I was already doing the rip/tear with papers...and sandpaper!


many a blog about it, here's one:

 Blog Post 'Haptic Schnaptic from Katerina Nikoltsou, Ελληνική Δημοκ...

It looks like the legendary Cheryl Penn loves it, too. You get along so well with color, shape, texture.  ♥‿♥

I think it has to be said that technology can be used in measured doses. No need to go the whole hog and create graphics from scratch using a painting program. A perfectly traditional painting or collage or whatever  can be photographed or scanned and printed for the purpose of creating a batch mailing. I love to use all kinds of tools and techniques and mixing them. In Mail Art there are  no rules!

There are many ways to print also. Linoprints and collagraphs prints, either on very thin japanese paper or similar can be done by hand or on thicker paper with a press. Not having a press at home I once printed a series by running the car over the paper and collagraph sandwiched between two planks of wood.

I can't stop giggling over the latter scenario.

[Thank you for letting us know that thin paper prints more easily. Now that you say it, it seems obvious that it would.]




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