Hi! I'm wondering how I can delete a group I added by a mistake.
This is the name:
I created it but I would not do that!
Please help me :-((

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I have a rather vague memory of Val doing this also and Ruud saying that it can't be done. Check with Ruud on this. I hope he can tell you.

Thanks. I'll try that.

See https://www.facebook.com/help/174988392554409 :

"Facebook automatically deletes groups that have have no members. If you've created a group, you can delete the group by removing all members and then yourself:

  1. Click Members at the top of the group
  2. Click the gear next to each member's name except your own and then select Remove from Group
  3. Remove yourself once you've removed the other members

Note: If you weren't the first admin and creator of this group, you won't be able to delete the group unless the group creator has left it voluntarily."




Thanks to all, but nothing works. Helen, my "not wanted"-group is not on facebook, it's here, on IUOMA:


I just give it up.

In the options section there is a way to delete a group. Since there are no other members, it was quite easy to do this for you. Maybe you use Safari browser. In that browser the Java-scripting of this network doesn't work, and you don't see this option.

Have a look, should be gone now.

with best wishes,

Ruud Janssen

Whow, what's going on?? Now it's o.k.! The group is deleted! Thank you, Ruud, I'm glad!

This website has a high D.I.Y. component.

There is a new option on Facebook. You can 'Archive' a group. It won't grow, but stays visible.




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