When the IUOMA was 20 years, the members managed to send in enough texts for a complete book. With the 25 year celebration, that wasn't that succesful. Too little materials.

Maybe a retry for 2018? Are there some authors amongst you who care to write about the state of the Mail-Art network in the new century

Already 11 articles are submitted and there is room for more.

So the book will be published, with or without you.

I aim at a book of 150-256 pages. Each author will have his short biography included. Deadline for submissions is September 2017, In October the book will be launched.

Some people ask about subjects to write on. Suggestions that are open:

1. Mail-Art in the age of Internet.

2. Is digital work also Mail-Art?

3. History of Mail-Art for someone who enters the network in this decade.

4. Mail-Art catalogues or websites?

5. Male dominance in the Mail-Art network?

6. Postal Tactical Gear: Enduring Political Storm

7. Mail Art Culinary Tips and Beauty Care

8. Non PC Postcards to Share with Friends and Family

9. Adventures of Sharpie: The Story Continues

10. Attention Grabbing Mail

11. Mail-Art on Wikipedia. Is the right story told?

12. What will happen to the Mail-Art Archives that mail-artists have built?

13. How to create a Mail-Art exhibition.

14. Will the new children ever exchange their tablet and smartphone for a postage stamp?

15. Is Mail-Art dead?

16. Mail-Artists working places. Overview based on the group online.

17. Choose your own special topic and/or subject.

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Cathy (C. Mehrl Bennett) and I may try to come up with something, seeing as how we met through mailart -

would be great to have such a story in the book.

I would be interested in contributing to the book. I run an art therapy group that has been using Mail Art as a means of therapeutic communication.    My clients rage from the elderly to  people with autism and other mental differences as well as those who just believe Mail Art is good for health and well being.  I can supply photographs.  

quite a specific theme. Could be a very interesting addition to the book.

I'd like to write an article for the book! Since I'm from Buenos Aires I think I could write about mail art in Argentina, or even in Latin America. Let me know what you think.

Would be a good idea to have such a view. Did you know Edgardo Antonio Vigo?

mi nombre es alexis bracho estoy en Venezuela y me gustaría participar  en la edición del libro si es posible les envió mi cirriculum


english please?

What kind of article would you like to write and which specific subject?

también les envió mis trabajo con que participe en Colombia por el proceso de paz


I would like to deal with mail art again in the future. Specially as a counterweight to the present time and the superficiality of, in particular, the new media, and would want to think about article

Hi Joachim, an article by you would be most welcome. Please sugest a subject.

like I said: mail-art as a counterweight in times of new media and globalization what seems to divide people more then it brings them together




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