This was pasted on facebook... I think one of those automatic cut  and paste discussions, but hey if its worth repeating once....


I have a challenge for everybody!  Go ahead and actually write a letter and send it to someone you know.  There are probably people in your life that still do not use Facebook and email.  Start with those people.  It would most likely make their day much brighter and you would also be supporting the post office and helping to keep postal workers employed.  We can't expect the economy to get any better if we don't take even the simplest steps to help it! Go ahead and try it.  What is the worst that can happen?

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You've found the right audience for this message for sure. Lots of letter writers here! I particularly like the letter S. I'll send you one.

yeS! letter art was one form I used in art class. S makes a Squirrel, Snake.... lots of creative potential... Old painting stencils are a great recycling possibility! Just the right size for post cards. Thanks for the clever inspiration.




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