I'm just a bit curious - what do you do with the mail art you receive? How do you store and/or display it? I'm interested in how you exercise your creative minds in this sense :D

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I really wish I would be organized enough to keep electronic files that organized, but I have trouble keeping my notes from my classes organized...though now would be the time to start since I've only been doing this for a week or two so far. I absolutely love how you have incorporated some of your received art! It's very creative. I try, at the very least, to thank everyone that I receive art from; I feel rude if I don't, because I know a lot of work goes in to these creations. I'm currently living in a dorm room, so my space is quite limited for decorating. I also live with a close friend of mine, but we have very different art tastes, which makes incorporating mail art into the dorm difficult. 

I am twenty-one, twenty-two in March, and I am definitely looking forward to finding ways to incorperate the art I have received into my living situation once I have my own space. Hmm, I've never heard of art=cheese. I do like the excited man, though, that expression made me chuckle. 

I must say, I do enjoy discovering things. Mail Art was a fantastic thing for me to discover - it keeps me sane. I'll have to google that tomorrow after classes - it's way past my bedtime. I love what you did; very, very creative. Well you definitely made me smile; that is a fantastic expression.

Very, very cool collection.

Here is a photo or two of some of the mail art archives in Greece.:

I do not throw away any thing! Although I have thought about

recycling it and sending bits and pieces back as collage art .

So far, I can't even cut off a postage stamp...I savor the "whole" !

Now there are individual plastic envelope pages by artist or country,

and in another box there are larger folders that hold lots of mail art from 

artists who send lots of mail art:

Our friend Erni gets a huge "BAR" bag for ALL the collages and packages he has sent,

and this is only half of it, as the Gallery of Colors' traveling exhibit has the other half!

Herr Haptic Werewolf's art  is one  of my largest and most precious  collection:

Kalimera Erni!

That was the "No commercial Value"

...no commercial potential exhibit in Italy...

back in 2010! 'Remember it well!

You sent some great collages...always great collages :-)

this is a fabulous system for keeping everything catalogued. I am taking inspiration from your photos! thanks, karen

Erni always makes us SMILE!

..especially our Erni on the fridge :-)

You all really have quite the collection going on!

I have a filing system by artist's name as well as a bulletin board of a revolving mail art show. I was putting up groups by artists but I've gone to just mixing them up. They are all over my work place and bathroom so many people have looked at my wonderful collection. I never throw anything out. Bigger gifts (like Erni's!) are in a special section. My picture taking ability is poor but one can see my 'studio' where some of the art up. I rotate as well.Any books I receive have a special place and at parties I take them out and show people. They are always shocked at the art and cannot believe it's all by the grace of the artists.Many people stay in my bathroom just looking and no one can get in to do their business! I don't know what I'll do when I get as much as Erni, Katarina or Val.




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