I took the list of names and divided it by alternating the names with a number 1 or 2. This is the list for Book 2. Please ensure that you send your pages to Reed Altemus.

Reed Altemus

P O Box 52

Portland  ME 04112



John M. Bennett

LUNa BiSonTE ProducTions

137 Leland Ave

Columbus  OH 43214



C T Chew

7023 14th Ave NE

Seattle, WA 98115



Angie Cope

225 S. Summit Dr

Port Washington WI 53074




Ambassade d'Utopia

38 Grande Rue

02300 Guivry



 Rosa Gravino

Chacabuco 833

(2500) Cañada de Gómez



Lisa Iversen/Skybridge Studios

207 N Wayne Street

N Manchester, IN 46962-1625



Samuel Montalvetti

Av Rivadavia 2109  1 piso  dto 3

C1034ACA   -   C.A. Bs. As.




Marcela Peral

Reconquista 1442 –

Rosario - S2013 BXV –




Cheryl Penn

6 Kiaat Close

Glen Anil


South Africa.


Svetlana Pesetskaya

Rostov aria

City Taganrog

Street Frunze 61

apart. 15


347 900


Nancy Bell Scott

111 West Grand Avenue

Old Orchard Beach ME 04064



De Villo Sloan

P O Box 1314


New York 13021




Postfach 1140

82319 Starnberg



Svenja Wahl

Max-Wolf-Str. 9

69120 Heidelberg


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Replies to This Discussion

Please DO NOT post to arao - he has withdrawn from the project. I will be contacting other artists who have expressed an interest.

saved by the bell...i'm on my way to the post office. 

ps: ok. no binding, ;-)

I received the wonderful work of Svenja and TICTAC today - MANY thanks - its BEAUTIFUL! I think artists are pulling out the stops here. TICTAC - MAN! Your stamps are FANTASTIC!!!  :-) X

Angie - thank you for letting us know - I feared mine had gone into dark recesses! You got John's too?? 

I just got the super-pages from Cheryl and John Benett, both are fantastic! Thank you very much!! (I received TICTACs too, really great - and I get to know two artists for the price of one (you and the artist you are tributing to - I didn't know Sant'Elia e.g., embarrassing...) Thanks everybody, I love how different all the pages are.

Svenja..if you refer to my booklet...it's Saint Vispo (protector of visual artist, lol)...no embarrassing, it's my handwriting...:-)

(i sent you an email)

Patricia, Cheryls artist was Antonio Sant'Elia. Of course I could read your writing, you should know my own! It's the reason why i print and stamp every little bit of text - nobody could read my writing! (Saint Vispo was my favorite page of you pages!!)

.. there is a bit of asemic in all of us.


That's right, and I can vouch for the truth of what Svenja says about her handwriting. It's lyrical to look at, I like it, but there are always a few crucial words that can't be deciphered even under the strongest magnifying glass.

Oh Nancy, I was rather fishing for compliments, "it's not SOOO bad" etc. ;-)))

Come right out and say so next time, Svenja--I'm pretty dense these days! But you know, I did say it's lyrical, which to me means it's interesting and attractive. Isn't that more important than legibility some days? Like today, Tuesday.

Nono, just kidding, Nancy, no being dense at all! 




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