The last time I done a mailart swap like this, it was arranged on Twitter and lasted a month. 

During that time, people focussed on making 30 pieces for 30 different people, but mainly everyone stuck to a single theme. I doubt that we'll stick necessarily to our themes for a whole year as these things will evolve over time, but does anyone plan to start off with a theme at least or stick to one style for the whole year? Perhaps Boo Cartledge will do 365 pages of It's only a book"?

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I LOVE the Alphabet idea! Thanks for sharing!

I'm loving this already!

Get yourself on the no-fly list? You know those postal workers ... they are tight, tight, tight with TSA ;-)

:-( So sorry Camel. I was joking and I should know better. Damn no-fly list is really not something to joke about. 

How about this one for a theme - Correspondences with your mailman?


Check this out - - I'm not quite sure how this would work, but I know Camel won't be making light conversation with his!

I have left notes for my mail carrier, and I usually leave a box of chocolates at the end of the year. He seems to enjoy my massive amounts of mail, but I think he is too old school and isn't keen on mailart. He frowns if I happen to be at my mailbox when he is picking up and I hand him a mailart postcard with my "please hand cancel" note. Ah well ... the mail ladies at the post office where my box is do seem to love my mailart, so that makes up for the carrier. I should send my mail ladies a postcard....


My Grandmother actually gave me this article from a local Minneapolis newspaper...I think this is going to be my Febuary theme.

This is a wonderful, inspiring story!




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