The Martha Stuart School of Asemic Wallpaper - Start Your Career Today! - Special Discount for Prisoners

The Martha Stuart School of Asemic Wallpaper

Martha Stuart
Katerina Nikoltsou, Dean of Asemics
Diane Keys, Minister of Propaganda, Student Ambassador
Snooker the Amazing Mail-art Dog, Dean of Men
David Stafford, Dean of Women
De Villo Sloan
Current Students:
Sue Bowen
Dark wall
Diane Keys 
Katerina Nikoltsou
My Life As A Collage
Austin Wills James
Applications still being accepted! Post your work in the MSSAWP discussion thread!
Don't put off today what you can do tomorrow!
Our state-of-the-art facilities put you an environment that will be very similar to your first big job after graduation
What are you waiting for? Let's roll!
"Why put off today what you can do tomorrow?"
- Martha Stuart (advice to John Lennon and Yoko Ono during the recording of Revolution #9)
Our faculty and staff are here to serve you!

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Probably what's needed is an Asemic Wallpaper Catalog. It would have a mix of design splotches and these gorgeous interior shots. Problem is, you think I'm joking...
You too Austin? for sure DK, we're ready to start filling orders. You need to go back to your RK prototype. I can't tell what kind of animal that is. It's just a bunch of twisted organs and fur. It's abstract roadkill. We need realism. When people have friends over, they want to be able to point to the wallpaper and say: "That's a beaver. Larry down the street has roadkill wallpaper with a squirrel. Everyone has squirrels. But look at that beaver. You won't see that every day." OK DK? Consider your audience.
I'm on it DVS and I couldn't agree more. I'm not up to Kat's technical expertise with the drafting but I will work on this.  I think Skunk would be a top seller too.  Give me some time. must do some field research to get inspiration
much improved Kat, much improved that ratty old thing was becoming an eye sore

DK - no criticism intended. It's what the market will bear (pun intended). Green light on the skunk thing. We might want to further segment by geographic region. For instance, we have an order to fill for Austin. What's big down there? Possums? Armadillos? Armadillos have shells - that would make a pretty impressive mess. We want this guy HAPPY. 


Katerina, Shredpo needs to be officially listed in the Mail-art Book of Poetic Forms. You are thinking BIG decorating those world recognized landmarks. Those are the contracts we need.


Shredpo = Cashpo


Becasue here at Martha Stuart, we are about the Cashpo


Carry on artists! Rest assured I am out pounding on doors and beating the pavement. This WILL be bigger than Twister

Oh, and Kat - Green light on the asemic Yellow Pages project. I've got a series of pitches lined up for tomorrow and lunch with our boy. Blackberry me

This is a custom design for Goldman Sachs. I used their logo and everything:

This looks excellent Professor Sloan-very upscale neo-futuristic

Katerina, that reminds me that RR Nevermind did a good Blackberry pun: "We'll bury you." 


DK - I did not miss the Love Ramone wallpaper. Excellent

And I'm thinking, you do whole rooms with this asemic wallpaper: walls, ceilings, floors - people are going to have seizures and stuff. We need a disclaimer.
i already have. want my money back, diane




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