The Martha Stuart School of Asemic Wallpaper - Start Your Career Today! - Special Discount for Prisoners

The Martha Stuart School of Asemic Wallpaper

Martha Stuart
Katerina Nikoltsou, Dean of Asemics
Diane Keys, Minister of Propaganda, Student Ambassador
Snooker the Amazing Mail-art Dog, Dean of Men
David Stafford, Dean of Women
De Villo Sloan
Current Students:
Sue Bowen
Dark wall
Diane Keys 
Katerina Nikoltsou
My Life As A Collage
Austin Wills James
Applications still being accepted! Post your work in the MSSAWP discussion thread!
Don't put off today what you can do tomorrow!
Our state-of-the-art facilities put you an environment that will be very similar to your first big job after graduation
What are you waiting for? Let's roll!
"Why put off today what you can do tomorrow?"
- Martha Stuart (advice to John Lennon and Yoko Ono during the recording of Revolution #9)
Our faculty and staff are here to serve you!

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thanks dk! congrats on the medal! as soon as the paralysis clears up in my hands i'm gonna start that novel! i'll always have the neurological damage from the blows to my head, but my eyesight and powers of speech should be back 65% in a few months. so things are lookin good. thanks


Well, if you could stop grabbing those nurses for half a second, I'm sure your PT and recovery would go a lot quicker. I've heard several have actually quit the entire profession based on their experiences with you. glad you're out of the body cast even thought I never got to sign it. I'd really limit your political activities to writing nasty letters or handing out fliers like those apocalyptic street corner prophets just minus the megaphone. You've made yourself a target better to lay low.....

how am I supposed to shut up if you keep raising such good points? Yes, some have suggested that Martha's ideas about asemic wallpaper might have been inspired, at least in part, by her psychology studies in good ol' Cambridge, M'ass - but others will dispute this to the end. But how else do you explain the ban on asemic gas in 1966?
I'm glad they finally outlawed asemic gas after they discovered those unfortunate side effects: uncontrollable crying, psychosis, hallucinations, manic mail art episodes lasting for days on end. Martha was probably a case study in herself. Didn't she say her parents raised her gender neutral? This allowed shim to be liberated from a life wearing 'acceptable' male colors of brown, beige, black and navy. His Dad used to wear a Speedo and pink feather boa at the beach. They were definately progressive to say the least. Didn't his mom have a mustache?
but does the Off Scene Akademie offer the Road Kill rug weaving series?The problem I'm having is that they don't have any financial aid. They only take blood and I need all of minE!

Dean Blue, it is so nice to hear that school is starting up again. I am fond of dust as it gives me the chance to use my asemic feather duster that matches my asemic apron. I really need to be redirected back towards asemics, and wallpaper in specific, after a long arduous journey through the trashcan. I await your tutelage and financial aid. All the best


"why put off today what you can put off tomorrow?"

Not sure if it is the same, but when I was enrolled, we only wallpapered with carpet. 

Y'r ob't s'v't, Fike here.

I UMBLY submit my latest upload, "rosetta" for consideration as asemic wallpaper.


THERE it is!




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