The First Ever South African Mail Art Exhibition NEEDS a celebratory Zine or Three.

I have organized the first ever Mail Art Exhibition in South Africa which opens on 15th October 2012 and runs until 4th November 2012. In celebration, I am launching a Zine - title -

Mail Art makes the World a Town.

This is an open call for this collaborative Zine. Details:


Mail Art makes the World a Town. (To be interpreted at the artist's discretion) 


21cm x 15cm (portrait) (A5)

(allow 1.5 cm for binding if you feel it will interfere with your design)

 Number of pages:

25 + (2) = 27


End of August.

  • Assembled  copy to participants. 
  • Please mail 27 copies to:
  • Cheryl Penn
  • 6 Kiaat Close
  • Glen Anil
  • 4051
  • South Africa

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Congrats for organizing the first Mail Art exhibit in South Africa, Cheryl! Go, girl! xxx

Me "in" of course :-)

27 double-sided pages signed and numbered, for Volume One (we'll see if for Volume Two another new set)

same size and format as our ol' Vispo pages! 

Thank you Katerina and SB :-) - I'm looking forward to RECEIVING your pages!! :-) XX

Cheryl. I'm in. looking forward to it.

count me in, cheryl

what a great idea for an exhibit

Bifidus and Alicia - YAY!!! About time the Jones sang again! Many thanks :-) X

Hi Cheryl - everyone! I would love to participate, the title is just great.

Please, have patience with a newbie, first question why 27 pages?

Carina - I make 27 Zines from the pages  I receive and post each of the participants a copy. One copy will go into the collection and one copy will be used for people to page through at the exhibition - does that help?

Thus we number the pages 1/27, 2/27. 3/27...etc.

Not 1/25....Cheryl, i think you just answered my question :-) 

Good :-)! I often wonder what happens with the extra zines - I know about Re-Site' s extra's but not the rest - but I have probably just not read up enough. Bowing to time, its a Big Boss!!!

I will be away for a few days from Wednesday. If anyone has queries, nows the time!! 

GREAT GREAT pages are starting to arrive for the first of the Zines.  Roland has also sent pages for Zine # 2 and I know Guido has also.  I will post some pics later - MANY many thanks - the response has been amazing. I am intending that this Zine become a regular quarterly publication, so please send page sets whenEVER the mood hits.  :-) X

1  RCBz – USA

2  Roland Halbritter - GERMANY

3   Vittore Baroni - ITALY

4   Giovanni and Renata StraDA DA - ITALY

5   John M Bennett -  USA


7    David Dellafiora (Field Study -  AUSTRALIA

8    Bruno Cassaglia - ITALY

9    Claudio Romeo - ITALY

10   Cheryl Penn - South Africa   

11   Tiziana Baracchi - ITALY

Arrival of more pages from TICTAC (Germany), Christine Tarantino (USA) and Roberto Keppler (Brazil). I am having VERY frustrating problems with my blog - will load some images as a separate discussion.




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