Any technical issues and difficulties here please. That way the main discussion doesn't get filled up with us talking like characters from Star Trek. Thanks!

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Hi All,

I've been searching all over the blog and I can't find a way to post my comments using my blogger ID so it shows my avatar. Everytime I want to enter a comment it makes me log on to yahoo etc or enter my email address as a guest.

Yes, I am logged on to blogger when I'm trying this.

I have one other question. Is there any way for me to see the posts all in a row like a regular blog instead of having to click on each person's post?

Thanks a bunch!


Hi Mandy

I'm hoping that disqus add blogger login, but for now they don't have it, which is highly unusual. Logging in with bigger is dependent on them doing that I'm afraid. In the meantime you can get a disqus account and pimp it with your profile pic of choice. Lots of blogs now use disqus so it's a pretty useful thing to have and I believe that blogger login to disqus is not that far away.

With regards to the styling on the blog to show multiple thumbnails, this was done to allow everyones posts a fair chance on the front page. The idea is to show a day on one screen, hence why it is as it is. If you want to see it as a blog in the standard way, you could use something like google reader or flipboard on the iPad (by following @mailart365 on twitter) which will present the posts in a classic way.

Hope this helps
Just moved the technical discussion into here to keep it together
Just been scroooooooooooooooooooooooooling down the blog.

The blog list on the side is WAY too long isn't it... Thinking of moving it to the bottom, perhaps as 2 columns? Anyone have any objections?
Camel - Is there a way to add a tag to the blog 'in case anyone needs to use it'? Like an "address" label in case anyone fancies putting up their address on the blog? I am in favour of putting up a blog (only if people want to) with their address and their own tag if they wish to publicise their address (and anything else) on the blog

not really sure what your asking here...

a standard tag that is universal would do it....


Latest report on site design - 2nd January 2010


I'm pretty happy with it (other than the scroll of death on the side, but I can live with that) at the moment as it seems to function exactly as it should, resetting at the end of the day and displaying all the posts in a 24 hour period. Kinda addictive


I asked a long time friend and technical wiz Jay to take a look at the site and see if he could


a) get the thumbnails to show on the front page

b) get the words "posted by..." under the title of each post on the front page


It seems that the latter may be possible but the former is a little more challenging. Are there any further improvements you would like to see that I may have missed out?

Hi, Anyone know what happened to my avatar? I have only a gray shadow of what appears to be a guy as me! What the heck? Curious.
Mim....your avatar on IUOMA? I can see it!
Yup, it's baaack. I don't know who that gray guy was or why he momentarily usurped my rightful place, but thank goodness, there I am. I'm the gal on this avatar and when I post on the 365 blog, I'm the gal behind the camera.
Is there a reason the dates are not shown with the time of post? When I'm looking through the archive I can't figure out the dates of the posts. I see what month from the URL, but not the day of the month.
I could tinker with this Bonnie. Not quite sure what you mean can you add the format you like below and I'll try to tweak to taste.


In Blogger settings, under Formatting tab, there is a setting for "Date Header Format" that puts the date at the top of the post, but it might varied by template used. And there is also a setting in Formatting for "Timestamp Format" which can put the time and date by the "Posted by" at bottom of post, which I think is not disrupted by templates. 


As far as I can see, the URL is always going to be just month and year with title of post... that seems to be blogger format. But if there is a way to get the date on each blog post, that would be terrific. I'm sure I'm the only one who cares about such things, though, so no big deal if it can't be done. 


Thank you, Andy!




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