So I just joined but I really don;t know how to start or what is acceptable to mail.  I have artwork that I would like to send on 6x6 and 8x8 canvas boards but where can I go so send my artwork?  Do I send to strangers, friends, family, etc?  

Please give me some insight.  I did check out the "New to IUOMA" page; while it was helpful, I still feel a bit lost.

Any advice or tips??


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I also found these blank postcards from amazon

I think I'll buy these and experiment with collage on these.  I might also try to experiment on making my own postcards from scratch.

If you're onto postcard papers, I will throw out my favorite ones; again this is just personal style and taste but here:

Oh! I like those too!  It certainly looks like a better quality paper.

...or support handmade and look at supplies sold on

If you come across decently thick postcard sized handmade paper (4x6" or less); please let me know.

As a P.S.: Thunderbolt paper is a small startup company that just happens to use Amazon to get their customer base.

I took a course some years ago that involved mail art and each project involved an idea, a word, a phrase to spark maileable art (postcards or regular letter-mail size only to send to a selection of addresses.  I enjoyed that activity, was speaking about it the other day and set out to look for a group doing something similar. 




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