Even though it makes sense that we can look on each others profiles, you may want to add your address here and any blogs or other accounts you want highlighted. This way it's in a closed environment and we all get to share.

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Are you asking for me to calculate the probability Andy? (as a math teacher, and all)


I'm a late newcomer to this group, but I'm really looking forward to putting this into practice come January 1st. Can't wait!


My address is:


Lindsay Stewart

264 Holland Rd.

Lake Fletcher, Nova Scotia

B2T 1A1 Canada

Welcome, Linsday.  Happy you joined us here.
Thanks a lot Mim! I'm pretty happy I joined too!
Hi Lindsay! If I haven't already signed you up for the blog, do send me your email address! I'm losing track!


457 Craven Road

Toronto, ON

Canada M4L 2Z5

Good morning, Is anyone as confused as I am about who is a participating member, like making Mail Art 365? I'm trying to get every member's mailing address so that i can send at least one piece of Mail Art to each during the year, but I'm losing track of who is who in some cases. The names & links on the side bar, the names and links on the contributors, I'm sooo confused. I just found Miss Fae's address, whew, but think I'm missing people. Anyone anyone, how are you do with this, or are you doing this?   I have to go make some mail art. Catch up with you later. mim
I agree Mim, it is quite confusing, what I had decided to do, for sure, is send to the 36 members in this particular group, yet I am responding to the "random" ones I have recieved.  I have heard (seen) through postings and such that there are more than 36 members though. ~sorry I couldnt be more help. Maybe the admin team has a better count of who is who.

Well, My approach may not be complete. But, what I am doing is copying addresses into a Word document that is formated for 5160 address labels. Then, when the sheet is full, I print it out, and it is my 'mailing list'.


Not sure that I get everyone on the page, but that's how I collect what I do have.

Mim -- you're not alone! It's a little wacky, the address thing...a bit like "who's on first? who's on second?". It's been really helpful to have everyone posting their addresses here at the IUOMA, since I've found that the personal blog links on the MA365 blog don't often have contact addys. Some folks are already listed in my personal "mail art black book", but there are many more on the MA365 sidebar who I've not heard of or corresponded with...

I've set up a couple guidelines for myself in regards to the project: #1: I'll only be writing to MA365 members throughout the year. #2: my list of addresses will "close" on January 1st, 2011. That way, I won't be adding people to my list in June, or something like that -- too crazy to keep everything straight! Once I "mail to" the list and reach the last person, I'll start all over again. (actually, I've already made it through once!)

That's the way I'm approaching the project. Not only is MA365 an experiment in dedication, it is a "project of encouragement": we keep each other going throughout the year with words of admiration, inspiration, and of course: lots of mail art! What better way to do that than by sending things to each on a regular basis? :-)



PS: like Rani, I'm also replying to any "strays" who send mail my way...

Thanks for sharing your processes. It's helpful. I want to mail to our group, also have my regulars, and then to artist friends, then to "strays." I'm going to do an excel doc for sure. That's my plan.  Right now, I'm old school, pen and notebook. Thanks again. mim

Maybe a posting on the MA365 blog, with the tag "addresses", so that we could encourage folks to put addresses over there as well? Just a thought. What do you think Andy?





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