Even though it makes sense that we can look on each others profiles, you may want to add your address here and any blogs or other accounts you want highlighted. This way it's in a closed environment and we all get to share.

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Yo, Jenny!  Great to see you, too! 

Laurence Roberts,Ty'n Coed, 40, Boleyn Road, Upton Lane, Forest Gate, LONDON E7 9QE



P.O. Box 22042

Pittsburgh PA 15222



Orphaned Postcard Project 




Hi Postmuse,

You are already on my list!

Let's get some MAIL!


Sue (aka McFloozy)

Hi all,


My mailing address is


PO Box 652

Acton MA 01720



Looking forward to sending and receiving a year full of fun and creativity!

My address is:

Lady L

29 Orillia Park Rd

Red Deer, AB

T4N 5A6


Maria Lavender
14025 N. River Crest Dr.
Chillicothe, IL 61523

yeahhh! I love receiving mail art! (but it always takes me forever to send any out :( I need to get on it!)

My address, should you deign to send me something:

Kiera Pannell
PO Box 42085
3861 St Laurent
Montreal, QC
H2W 1A0

Also, even if you do post it on the blog, it will probably be a surprise to me as I'm soooo busy these days that I don't have much time to check up on what everyone is doing.

Hi Keira

I noticed a Keira Pannell who is on the mailart scene with an Address in the uk. This isn't you is it? I may be faintly confused. I certainly feel it...
Ha! That's me! I lived in the UK for two years working as a mathematics teacher. Now I've moved back to Canada. It's funny to think that people might think that there's two of me... or maybe more, as while I traveled I sent postcards postmarked from all over the world. Roland Halbritter still updates my images on his site as being from the UK..... I just figure that there's bound to be some confusion!
I'm so glad you replied to this Keira! I thought I was going mad. A maths teacher?! Blimey that's almost as unlikely as me being a physics teacher!

"What are the chances" I thought, "of there being TWO Keira Pannells on the mailart scene...?"


Glad you cleared that up!




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