In the Shadow of a Feather

(visual poetry by Cheryl Penn)

YOU are invited to contribute your VISUAL POETRY to a new COLLABORATIVE MAIL-ART BOOK PROJECT coordinated by Cheryl Penn (South Africa) and De Villo Sloan (USA) at the IUOMA.




Maximum number of participants: 30

PROJECT COMPLETED: Last week of February (2012)


Theme: Create a visual poem or series of visual poems that are an homage or tribute to YOUR FAVORITE VISUAL ARTIST (sculptor, painter, collage artist – perhaps even another visual poet)


If you are not a member of the Collaborative Book group, please join if you want to contribute to the book. Leave a message in the comment stream expressing your interest in participating in the project.


FURTHER INFORMATION: Specifics about the project will be posted in the new group.



Victoria Barvenko (Russia)

Richard Canard (USA)

Alfonso Filieri (Italy)

Rebecca Guyver (Britain)


Diane Keys (USA)

Susan Mortimer (Britain)

Katerina Nikoltsou (Greece)

Cheryl Penn (South Africa)

Bernd Reichert (Belgium)

De Villo Sloan (Introduction) (USA)

Matthew Stolte (USA)

Guido Vermeulen (Belgium)

Cleveland Wall (USA)

Janine Weiss-Vuille (Switzerland)





John M. Bennett (USA)

CT Chew (USA)

Angie Cope & Snooker the Amazing Mail-Art Dog (USA)

E (France)

Rosa Gravino (Argentina)

Samuel Montalvetti (Argentina)

Marcela Peral (USA)

Cheryl Penn (South Africa)

Svetlana Pesetskaya (Russia)

arao salamat (Philippines)

De Villo Sloan (Introduction) (USA)

Tic Tac (Germany)

Svenja Wahl (Germany)

New members

Cathey R. Bayless (Oakland, California, USA)

 WAITING LIST: We encourage people who want to participate to add your name, even after we reach the 20 mark. Experience shows that the line-up is "in flux" at the beginning.

The book page format will be the same as for the Asemic collaborations (1-3) - 2 sheets folded A4 - ie 8 sides. You will need to make 20 copies and post to each person on the list - the addresses will be added to this discussion once we have got confirmation from all the participants. Again - these collaborations only work if everyone commits and endures! 

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Cathey R. Bayless (USA) - Is this how you add your name to the list?

Hi Cathey Bayless, the Vispo Service Desk is understaffed during the holidays. Thanks for joining Cheryl's Collaborative Book Group and for your interest in the current visual poetry books that are being created and assembled.

Both editions are currently are underway and we have enough contributors. BUT some spots could open - Cheryl or I will tell you ASAP.

Also we might open a third edition.

So I will add you to the list, and we'll figure out how to involve you as soon as we can. Again, thanks for your involvement!

I just want to make sure that EVERYONE involved in the collaborative books is still taking part.  People are starting to post and we want to keep hiccups to a minimum please. I will post this comment in a few places so hopefully everyone will get this message - good Wednesday to you all :-) X 

I'm still taking part.  I am a bit on the drag as a result of so much activity with family over the holidays but will get to it SOON. X Rebecca

I`m in... begining the pages after the holidays

still in and  half way finished. cheers!


No kidding. It floors me that anyone can be done. Without the reasonable deadline, we slow pokes would be sunk.

These look supercool again, Svetlana!




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