Do you go to the PO, to mail your mailart, or leave it for the postman?  I've always just left my postcards for the mailman to pick up.  Now that I am making mailart that is more like my real art, I have a little concern about what will go through the USPS and others without any issues.  My sufaces are not always uniform on the finished product and I am wondering if any of you have the same issues.  Hand carry to the PO and deal with a less than friendly postal clerk, or stamp it up with plenty of stamps and hope for the best?  The clerks at my PO can be really mean and I am somewhat timid.


What about the postage if it's not enough?  Any experience with that, anyone?  Is it returned to me, forwarded with postage due, or tossed into the dead letter file?  Right now I have a few missing pieces and I didn't scan the backs.  I am now doing that so I will have a reference of the address, postage, etc.


Anyone have any suggestions or experience to share?  I have a postal scale and I am trying to keep my mail down to the 4x6 standard size.  Or is it better to an unusual piece in an envelope?  I love "pimped up" cards and that includes the back of them.


Maybe I worry too much........will check back later.  But two of them went to the UK and one of them was to Andy.






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Hi Anita,

Thanks so much for all of the good information!  I looked up the postage & have been adding a little extra to hopefully make the PO happy.  I'll attach a note to the next batch & maybe even make a card for the postman.


For years I had the same carrier and now we just get whoever?  Not always the same person.  Unfortunately, the PO workers are overworked and the inside people that used to be friendly just don't seem to care anymore about customer service.  A good example is the what happened to me the other day, when I was in purchasing stamps.  I bought several books of forever stamps and asked the woman behind the counter, if she had any interesting loose or sheets or stamps.  Although I was the only customer in the PO at the time, she referred me across the room to look at a display!  Now I know that the clerks have loose stamps and sheets of stamps in their drawers, because when I carry an envelope in and I need postage for it, I always request "real stamps" and not just a white postage sticker.


What ever happened to the friendly postal clerk?  I Guess they have all retired.  Anyway, you are a wealth of information and I thank you for it.  You deserve some happy mail!


Thanks again,





Thanks for sharing all the mailing info. very informative. Do you happen to know if I can send a flat circle thru the mail. I have some coasters that I want to us for mail art.


I have found my postal worker friendly and they have been willing to hand stamp my posts.

Thank you so much for the info. You were very helpful!






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