Many of us keep blogs and have twitter accounts, and I know that many of us post up our best work there. Personally I love seeing people's work on their blogs, and I follow the latest work of many mailartists on Twitter too, where the banter is really good.

If you have a blog and/or a Twitter that deals with mailart list it here!

My blog is

and my Twitter account is @andytgeezer

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I'm reposting to remove my G+.  I think it's best to just post my blog for now.  My blog is located at

I've been looking around the different social media and only find a couple of mail artists trickled here and there.  Just from looking around this site, I get the feeling Twitter was at one time a popular place, but it doesn't look like it is anymore.  I only found a couple of mail artists.  Quite a few posts have links leading you to Instagram.  When I checked Instagram I found that most have a large overlap with pen palling.  I know to some people it's the same thing, but it's not to me.  I started posting on G+, but again, there are only a couple.  So, I think I'll just stick to my blog for now, and this site.  Although the main screen seems active, I noticed the groups aren't so much anymore, but I'm posting on them anyway.  Maybe if us new people start using them, they'll come back to life. 

Sorry, Andy, I didn't mean to go off topic.

This is all just my own observation and may not be accurate. 

Zommtimes I boast mayo'llard here:

I have also been looking around for mail art on other social media, including facebook, twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Flickr is maybe the largest archive for mail art. A search for 'mail art' comes up with over 170.000 hits and there are quite a few groups dedicated to mail art. I have found a number of IOUMA members who are archiving their mail art on Flickr. I have also posting my mailart on a Flickr account. 




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