I am wondering about how everyone keeps up with tons of addresses. Do you all use your PCs, actual address books, or what? 

I'm thinking I would like to get an alphabetical recipe box so I could keep notes with addresses. I don't like to store important things electronically.

ALSO, If you feel like it, please post a picture of your address book COVER (of course don't post anyone's addresses) because i think this would be interesting. If you don't use a book, can you please just share how you categorize / organize your addresses? I'm very unorganized and keep losing my small address book in my room. Yeah, the desk is that cluttered. 

Here's a picture of my current IUOMA address book cover, which i made specifically for this ::

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care and attention is this the courage of our day gin !!

Dear Mariano -~

Mi dispiace?
non capisco cosa intendi

Ma grazie per la tua risposta !!!

google tanslate :)



My address book for mail art is just a spiral bound notebook -- the addresses are not in any order, I just write them down when I get a new one. It's beginning to be a little unwieldy to find anybody. I probably should type them up and alphabetize, etc. but that seems to time-consuming. Sometimes I cut out the return address from an envelope (if it's not a fancy one) and just tape it into my book.

hey toni! Thanks for sharing. . . yeah, it is time consuming to alphabetize or organize hundreds of addresses (if you have hundreds. . . )

I try to not cut out addresses from the actual mail either. i like to keep the mail intact :)

Glad to know someone else has an "unwieldy" address book. xxx g

I have thousands of addresses from snail mail accretions and various cyber platforms (one file for each site) over the years so Microsoft Word is what I've used since the 90s.  Entries gleaned from specific calls, mail, etc., are all in one file.  I keep entries in alphabetic order, indicate relevant dates, areas of interest/expertise, subsequent modifications, and sadly, a notation that they are deceased when that becomes known.  This makes it easy to find an entry by name or topic.  (Some of the files would require 3 reams of paper to print one-sided.)

It's my mail art archive itself that could use better organization.

lists of projects (back in 1985) with addresses!

Bradford — i see your point when you say that it’s your MA ARCHIVE that could use better organization. My archive is tiny but it’s a shambles anyway. As is much of my stuff.  

Thanks for sharing, though, that you use electronic means to keep addresses; it sounds like that works well for you. :) Wow, thousands of addresses — ~~~ i would perhaps do that on MSWord myself. 

Also, i hope my address is in your files. Yours is in my book. Hope to see you in the PO Box. . .

Hey Ruud ~~~ — Thanks so much for sharing that. :D

I LOVE the “sTAMp” ~~~~ 

You seem pretty (very) organized! 

Interesting!! Thanks !! :D

This is time consuming but a box of address cards is going to work pretty good i think.




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