I intend to hold an Exhibition of Vinyl Art in the Spring of 2015. I don't have an exact date, but it will be around about Easter (end March/start April). I don't know exactly when, but I know where -- the Médiathèque in Sigean, France. I haven't written to the Mairie about this yet, but to get permission to use the Médiathèque should be a formality.

The Exhibition will be entitled something like 'Vinyl Art', and be by 'Mark Herman and Friends'. It will comprise about 60 pieces of Vinyl Art -- aproximately half by me, half by my Friends.


This is what you must do:

* send me one or more  pieces of Vinyl Art on 12 inch (33rpm) LP records, and ONLY on 12 inch LP records. This is the one and only size of the 'canvas'.
* you can place your art on the Vinyl (and even hang very small things off it), but 12 inches is the one and only format that will be accepted
* sleeve covers, 7 inch (45 rpms) and 10 inch records will NOT be accepted. Nor, of course, will CDS, DVDs or anything horrible like that.
* the records will be hung vertically. Anything that requires a horizontal or any other sort of display will be rejected
* the usual rules about content apply. I reserve the right to reject anything unsuitable on content, size or other grounds
* but, in principle, ALL 12 inch records sent to me will be included in the Exhibition. If I receive more than 30 pieces of Vinyl Art from you, my Friends, I may have to rotate the works during the Exhibition to ensure that everything is displayed. (If I receive significantly less than 30 pieces, then I'm going to be stuck!)
* no returns
* the receipt of each individual work will be acknowledged and a photo of it posted here by me (or the photo by you, if you prefer). Photos of the Exhibition will be posted later.

Your Vinyl Art should be sent to me at:

1 rue de la Vieille Fontaine,
F-11130 Sigean,


I do hope you will join in!
Vinyl Val

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Amy -- no dogs will be sold full stop. they will however be given to good homes.

Claim away, but I am NOT responding to any more claims such as 'That's nice, Val, please can I have it?'

The answer is no, not yet, come back after the exhibition(s), but from now on I'm not responding.

Dean -grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! What have you started?

Hi Val, I hope you're well. Count me in for a submission by the deadline - I would however like to set the record straight that I don't dash off collages... so on that note expect something different!

Thanks Gina, and I look forward to receiving your vinyl contribution.

I was not meaning to suggest for a micro-second that you are a collage-dasher-offer.

My point was that some works take more time to make than others. My vinyl art takes (for me) a relatively long time to make each piece. By contrast, some -- but not all -- of my collages, take only a  little time to make.

That's all, and now it's time to make something else ...what I have in mind is an early morning  cup of ginger and lime tea.

All good Val, just pulling your good leg.

Pull l'autre leg, Orangina!

No worries Val, it's all going to a good cause.  What have I started?  Motivation!  Yes, you can't just leave your vinyls in a box hidden away in a cellar.  Knowing that if we send you a vinyl, you'll send us one back is good motivation.  Letting us pick the vinyl we want is a very clever way of even more motivation.  You're Brilliant!  And what a great project manager.

  So I'm down for the Star Struck and that wonderful one you did with the spray painted cats on it.  I really think the cat one is your best ever.

  Amy likes the one with the song; "How much is that doggie in the window?"  I guess she should get that one.

OH this is going to be so fun.

"Ask not what Val can send you, ask what you can send Val." , didn't Kennedy say that?

News Flash; Just got a message from Vizma.  She wants the one with the champagne capsules & the star beer caps.  So everyone, please cross those two off the list.

I am NOT responding to this, Dean. Ever. At all. So forget it.

Instead, send me some vinyl art, stop causing trouble, and go geo-caching.



But if I was, or even were, to respond I would just like to see:

i) the spray painted cats is not mine but Rose's, Sorry, but it's not really mine to give away

ii) the champagne capsules/beer top ones (there are two) are temporary collages, not exhibition pieces. As such they don't exist anymore. And they are 45's not 33's. Sorry but it/they don't exist.

iii) I haven't made a doggy in the window, have I? If I haven't, then sorry Amy, it doesn't exist.

Tee hee!

Don't tell Dean, but I have:

* 49 12" Vinyl Art pieces

* 5 10" Vinyl Art ones

* and 12 7" ones

all of my very own,


* 6 from the IUOMA Gang.

(And Dean will send me 2, and Amy a Gina one each)

You can also expect a 12 inch or two from me!

Ask not what Val can send us...

ask what we can send Val: VINYL!

(the Greek Twins are a working on these...not complete yet :-)

OH Dear Katherina, those are too good to be sending to Val.  Keep them yourself and put them on e-bay.  I'll be bidding on all three of them.

And really Petrolpetal , I haven't heard that line for a long time.  Are you sure you don't know Vizma?




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