What do you all think of contributing to a Haptic-style newspaper? I volunteer to be the editor/publisher and will distribute to all Haptic Poetry members here at IUOMA. Any suggestions for a title? WWSD? (what would Schwitters do?)

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Yee-Haa!! Erni Bar, the Haptic Werewolf Strikes Again with the arrival of our first Haptic newspaper piece titled, "Zirk Lucky" for Ray Johnson:

Keep 'em coming, folks!

I like how your mind works, Herr Erni!
Wonderful, Helen. Can't wait to get them.

Today I received TICTAC's "Chocolate Blue" for the newspaper--it's fabulously Haptic!

TicTac's work is fabulous. And I really like the broken fork!

Katerina's Haptic work has recently arrived HOT OFF THE PRESS:

Utterly Sand-tastic!

Thanks Erni... Great links. I`ll take them to www.librodearenaproject.blogspot.com


More small ones in the mail tomorrow, bifidus. Are they the right size: 12 x 13 cm?

This next set is more asemic and light-weight :-)

they'll work just fine--looking forward to feeling that art!

Marcela's Haptic newspaper contributions have arrived--and of course, I love that Braille!

Marcela also included some ARTE CORREO pieces, which I will put in the classified section:

Thanks very much for participating, Marcela. These works are excelente!

Haptic Newspaper articles sent in by Helen Amyes:

The yarn work is really rather exquisite. I'm getting very excited about the contributions to the Haptic newspaper--keep 'em coming!

Our hard-working Greek correspondent Katerina has sent in these fine articles called, Light Haptic. (the paper she is used is very thin) I especially like how she incorporated haptic, zalop, asemic, sandpo, and flux influences:




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