Are you working both in Mail-Art and Fluxus? If yes, what is the difference for you when you work in one of the fields

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And one "Can never have enough books" either! I've amassed my own little fluxus library.

Thanks for your notes about how you divide mail art from fluxus mail art.

That is also a division I have had to make with my artistamp collection - fluxus vs. non-fluxus, when I was asked to exhibit fluxus artistamps at the Minnesota Ctr. for Book Arts. I must admit that some of my "fluxus" choices were in a gray area, but I just had to make my choices anyway based on a feeling about it, one way or another. 

Diddo Heleen. Succinctly stated.

it aqctually is a mail-art card for the future.

Those have to be nice "fuzzy" "Haptic" "FluXus" letters, Ruud! And for 2015!

How about FluxFest Chicago, 2014?

Pity it is in the winter (February)...if it were in May, I'd be there :-)

I am sending a it FluXus? or Mail Art? or BOTH!

It is what it is (and i have the rubber stamps to prove it :-)

Please consider the source, but FluXuS is mentioned in Wikipedia's article (on Anti-art) as a form of anti-art. I wish I had a venn diagram!

If you stamp "FluXuS" on your envelope knowing you are not a FluXuS anti-artist, are you a Post-Neoist? Which TAM books on Lulu best explore the anti-art influence in mailart?

Is anyone familiar with Lipstick Traces: A Secret History of the 20th Century - a non-academic, pop culture book that "covers 20th century avante-garde art movements like Dadaism, Lettrist International and Situationist International, and their influence on late 20th century countercultures..."?





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