20 years ago I came upon a stash of Time Magazines circa 1952. These have followed me around long enough. If anyone wants them and is willing to pay the shipping I'll send them to a good home. (in the states). Just so you know, they are not, for the most part, in pristine condition. I have ransacked them (mostly the covers) for my own nefarious ends but there's still usable stuff in them. Now that the internet has become an inexhaustible archive of ephemera this may seem to be a ridiculous offer but for the proud and the few who relish the smell of rotting old magazines, and I count myself among that select group, they are here waiting for a good owner. Once again, these are not eBay worthy but they are like gold to the right person. If you just want one or two I'll send them along gratis. The whole stash comprises about 1 1/2 milk crates worth and there are a few from 1972  as well. Let me know.




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Please can I be a recipient of your magniificent distribution policy, Thank you. Val

Val and Nadine,

Of course, I'll send some along. I have many left though few with their covers intact. The more I look at the ads, the more priceless they seem as reminders of a bygone age of American industrialism. The content gives you some idea of what a grip the communist menace had over every part of American life (or more accurately how Luce framed the debate).

David, I would love to get one! But how can we organize that you get the postage back, shall I just put money in a return letter, I would of course send you? (Sorry if it's an impudent question...) ;-)


We can worry about that later. I'll try and get something off to you and Val this week. Like I told Val and Nadine, what's left are coverless mags and they're a bit scruffy with the musty smell of rotting print but they do offer some strange windows into America's weird old past. I also have several from the 70s which are interesting from a compare and contrast point of view, charting the slide from an industrial culture to one of infotainment and buzz. I'll throw one of those in too...



Bonsoir M Stafford! I have a friend in NY City who I can ask to send you some $s to cover p &p. Just say how much. Thanks in advance for the stuff, Val

That would be great, David, looking veryvery forward to it, thank you very much in advance!  :-))))

Me, too, me too, David, please! Just one or two, as you know it is costly to send long distance over-the-Big-Pond to Greece. I have those others you sent and I cannot bring myself to cut 'n paste for collage. I spend hours instead just turning pages and reading, looking...amazing material! "Election Results": I Like Ike won!

Boy, Time is making a big comeback...I'm busy at work these days but I'll do my best Katerina...

No rush, David...wait til after the holidays even. And I'll be reimbursing you for postage, not a problem.

I just finished cutting up some 1965 magazines. I had to get them out of my studio, though the old paper smell wasn't all that bad. I love old magazines. We'll be in Paris for a couple months and I'm hoping to find old French magazines to cut up, not antique quality just good images. We once had a couple of bags of National Geographics from the 30s through the 50s. What a treasure trove, which we shared with our collage workshop students. I hope you got lots of takers for these. mim




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