A friend asks: What's the best adhesive for magazine collage that won't wrinkle the paper? I told him Spray Mount...anybody have any other suggestions?

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I've just used Yasutomo Nori for the first time and despite having reservations about the price, I liked working with it. I bought a small  1.84 oz (55 g) container  to try it out and I'm now a fan, obviously have no idea about longevity. 

fri 04/07/2017


Reading this threAd's the 1st time we had ever heard of Yes Paste. After a few days hesitation bcuz of the expense, we invested in a big 2lb 7oz jar. our first test run with Yes will be taken shortly later tonite. like just when the Witchin Hour tolls.

I made the leap for a larger 10oz Yasutomo Nori, great to work with, but longevity is still a concern.

i swear by yamato's solid arabic glue sticks... they're about $4 apiece on amazon with free shipping to the usa. no wrinkles at all and much easier to use than the jars or bottles of nori paste. yamato also makes a nice rice gluestick but i haven't been able to find it in awhile.

Allison any idea how these hold up over time ? Regular glue sticks appear to lose their adhesion over the years. I'm only talking about 2-5 years, but still for me it's a concern.

hi kosmo, i'm not completely sure because i pretty much send all of my collage work away. i don't really retain any of it. i did find a collage postcard i made a year or so ago the other day, and everything was still perfectly secure. i started using yamato glue sticks about two and a half years ago. i'll try to think of someone who i've sent work to in the past who i could ask to check their archive for a past piece. i can mail you something if you'd like to check out the adhesion yourself!

No need to send me anything Allison, but if you do know anyone to ask how something sent a while back, I'd love to know.




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