We have had requests from people who did not make the first call. Please put your name here if you are interested in doing another book, OR if you wish to be included in Book # 3.  I for sure am happy to be involved in another book.  I will keep updating the discussion list as people place their names.

Victoria Barvenko (Russia)

Liliana Bogao (USA)

Csaba (Hungary)

Angie Cope (USA)

Roger Dewint (Belgium)

"E" (France)

Diane Keys (USA)

Fifi LePew (U.S.A)

KDJ (U.S.A.)

Heather Miller (South Africa)

Bruno Neiva (Spain) 

Cheryl Penn (South Africa)

Svetlana Pesetskaya (Russia)

Frieder Speck (Germany)

Marie Wintzer (Japan)


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Hi all,

Ok for me !




Pál Csaba


Csaba - GREAT!!! Thank you. E - also - wonderful that you are gong to do another chapter :-) - AND Bruno - this is going to fill us faster than we thought :-) X

Hi friends !

I want to participate in your project of the book. That for this purpose it is necessary, I am ready to start to work.

Thanks, good-bye, yours faithfully Svetlana Pesetskaya, the artist from Russia

Maine BookArt W. Shakespear "A Storm"

Svetlana - GREAT! - good to have you on board - I will add you to the Amemics 3 book list.  You are aware of format and posting 15 copies?

Cheryl greetings, thanks that has accepted me in the group! Write please a format, and that for this purpose it is necessary, the description of the project and that for copies (where it is possible to look samples) and I with pleasure all will execute yours faithfully Svetlana Pesetskaya thanks!)))


Hey Svetlana :-) - Have you joined the asemics group? I have posted the format - with pictures there - and there are examples of peoples work that is currently being submitted for the first two books.  Format - 2 sheets A4, folded in half = 8 sides.  I dont know if you have metric paper sizes in Russia??? There are 3 books in progress at the moment.  I will post you the addresses of everyone you will need to send to - ANY more questions - let me know X
Cheryl, what theme of books and in what technics it is necessary to do, I can a collage and Mixed technics. I have correctly understood, what I should make 15 copies and dispatch to addresses which you will send? Whether I can use the fragments of the book of Shakespeare and add a collage. Thanks I look forward to hearing)) Svetlana))
Hello again - the theme of the book is Asemic writing - very much like your Shakespeare - so excellent :-) please look at the asemics group? It is on my page under my groups - I will send the addresses to your page - the call is not full yet for this book, so it will only be in a few days - that ok? Sorry I dont speak Russian!!! :-) X

Cheryl, I at last have understood all and have started to work.

Thanks, yours faithfully Svetlana Pesetskaya


Me too if there is place




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