Anyone want to trade one of their “larger” more “worked” works, with one of mine?

Lately I’ve been doing larger tape collage pieces, or at least thinking about it, and was wondering I anyone wanted to trade one of their “larger” more “worked” works, with one of mine? Maybe like frame it and what not, make it look all nice.


It doesn’t feel right keeping it around the house if someone else would rather have it.


I don’t care what you make as long as you don’t mind what I generally make; it’ll be more in that vein.


This is something that’s going to take me a while, so don’t expect an immediately response from me. I will continue with the postcards, just seeing if anyone would be interested in this endeavor. Maybe by the end of the summer I’ll be able to send out some things.


Just let me know if you’re interested and when I’ve completed some bigger works, I will send one your way, if you’d be willing to send one to me.


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I like your postcards sized mail so I wouldn't mind trading bigger pieces.

I would be honored to trade a larger piece with you. Please make anything you'd like. I'll let you know when I have something together to send to you. Got a lot of trips planned this summer, but I should have a week to just devote to making things.


Hope you're doing well.

I'll be working slowly then and wait patiently hahah not much travelling this summer maybe next year.

Have some great trips and save some fodder for mailart on your trips.


Slowly, yes, for sure! When you first wrote that I thought about how great living in Europe would be, considering that everything is already so close.


I plan on collecting some things on my travels but I'm not sure how much I'll be able to carry home. Only one trip is going to be in a car, and the China. Hopefully I can bring some back, but until then, I need to make some new stuff.

Hello, I am interested.
Alright, that sounds great. I will let you know when I've completed some "bigger" stuff.
By the way how (BIG) did you have in mind?
Not that much bigger, maybe 8 X 10 or something similar since I have to mail them to people far away. Did you have something else in mind?
Is OK with me have a great easter weekend
Hell yes! Send me an  email so we can talk about what style of my stuff you'd be interested in. (painting, sketch, intaglio print, etc, etc)

Hey Kiera, I don't care what you'd make, I'm sure that anything you'd make would be lovely. No restrictions.

Well, whenever you end up sending me something, I'll send you something fun in return.




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