Hello/Bonjour fellow members of the International Union of Mail-Artists!

  I am a (British) Conceptual Artist and Writer who lives in France. One of my interests is in Stamp Art, that's to say in using stamps in various types of works including Collages and Assemblages. You can find recent examples of my work (many featuting in an exhibition I have just held) on my web-site www.val-herman-art.eu.   

  I have just joined your Union, and wonder if you can assist me with my latest project that is called 'An Envelope a Day'? Let me explain...

  I plan to mail myself a different envelope a day for a year. Each envelope will contain a different picture and/or configuration of stamps and/or drawing and:or text and/or any combinations of these (plus anything else I can think of!). The envelopes will all be the same size (16.5 cm square), and in different colours.

  Now, any one of these envelopes is, well, just an envelope, but in their tens, hundreds and eventually all 365 of them, they become --when suitably arranged -- a work of Conceptual Mail Art.

  The project has just started: I've mailed myself 10 envelopes, (and all have been safely delivered -- not that there is any guarantee that the French postal system will accept them, but so far it has) and have another 180-odd ready to be posted -- at the rate of one a day, of course. I will try and put some examples of them on this site (but am not very good at technology things).

  I would be interested in making contact with other Mail, Stamp, and in this case, especially Envelope Artists, so do, please make contact if there are any of you out there.

  If you would like to receive an envelope from me, then please s end me your postal address.

  I would be extremely pleased to receive envelopes from you. My contact details are: Valentine Mark Herman, 1 rue de la Vieille Fontaine, F-11130 Sigean, France.

  Thanks aand regards, Val

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Hi Val:

I just posted an envelope and MA for you today. Hope you recieve it next week and like it.  Best wishes in your Envelope Project.




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