Please put your addresses and confirmation of your participation in this collaboration in this discussion thread. I will keep updating this list. PLEASE also be certain that you are able to timorously complete this project to avoid disappointing all the other participants. Format: 2 pages folded A4 - 8 sides, Deadline: End February 2012.

Victoria Barvenko

The Rostov Region –

Taganrog -

Street Petrovskaya 15, sq 129 –

347922 – RUSSIA


John M. Bennett

LUNa BiSonTE ProducTions

137 Leland Ave

Columbus  OH 43214


Richard Canard,

409 S.Emerald Lane,


Illusion, 62901-2140



C T Chew

7023 14th Ave NE

Seattle, WA 98115



Cleveland Wall

717 Spring Street
Bethlehem, PA 18018



Angie Cope

225 S. Summit Dr

Port Washington WI 53074




407 South Liberty Street

Elgin, IL  60120




Ambassade d'Utopia

38 Grande Rue

02300 Guivry



Alfonso Filieri

Viale Desiderato Pietri 22

Stella Polare-Ostia

00122 Roma- Italia


Rosa Gravino

Chacabuco 833

(2500) Cañada de Gómez



Rebecca Guyver

Nayland Farm

Mill Road


Stowmarket, Suffolk

IP14 2LS



Lisa Iversen/Skybridge Studios

207 N Wayne Street

N Manchester, IN 46962-1625




1224 Lake Margaret Drive

Orlando, FL 32806



Samuel Montalvetti

Av Rivadavia 2109  1 piso  dto 3

C1034ACA   -   C.A. Bs. As.



Susan Mortimer

1 Willowtree Avenue

Gilesgate Moor





Katerina Nikoltsou

Glinou 20 Harilaou

Thessaloniki 54249



Marcela Peral

Reconquista 1442 –

Rosario - S2013 BXV –



Cheryl Penn

6 Kiaat Close

Glen Anil


South Africa.


Svetlana Pesetskaya

Rostov aria

City Taganrog

Street Frunze 61

apart. 15


347 900


Bernd Reichert
97, Avenue du Val d'Or
B-1150 Brussels


Nancy Bell Scott

111 West Grand Avenue

Old Orchard Beach ME 04064



De Villo Sloan

P O Box 1314


New York 13021



Matthew Stolte

1314 East Washington Ave Apt 2
Madison WI 53703



Postfach 1140

82319 Starnberg



Guido Vermeulen

Thomas Vincottestreet 81

B-1030 Brussels



Svenja Wahl

Max-Wolf-Str. 9

69120 Heidelberg



Janine Weiss
Route des Addoz 42
2017 Boudry

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Replies to This Discussion

I'll tell you all in two hours :-)))X

NBF - thats one of the joys of being a GIRL!!! :-)))! Ok - you guys are so reticent - my visual  artist of choice (for now, but one  for definite! :-))) - - Antonio Sant'Elia.(1888 - 1916) - died aged 26 on the front line first world war.  Anyone else???

Thanks, mom--I wish you'd told me that earlier!

Does anyone consider some of Rauschenberg's combines to be vispo? (This will give me a clue to whether I truly understand what vispo is.)

I hope I understood that the  theme is "Favorite VISUAL ARTIST" (sculptor, painter, etc)

NOT necessarily a "visppo" artist. Correct?

My choice is an visual artist, painter of the 16th century. Is that ok?

"Theme: Create a visual poem or series of visual poems

that are an homage or tribute to YOUR FAVORITE VISUAL ARTIST

(sculptor, painter, collage artist – perhaps even another visual poet)"

I shall create a visual poem in homage to an artist, he/she need not be a visual poet?


That's what I thought also, K., but others talking "vispo artist" got me to wondering too ...

Let's see what the Boss says ;-)

Mine is David Baptiste Chirot

Oy vez! Concept review:

We are doing books of visual poetry. So whether you are an artist, writer, neither, or both - you are creating chapters of visual poetry for the book.

The concept is to do a (visual) "poem" or "poems" that are an homage to a visual artist you admire greatly: painter, sculptor, etc.

I think we were naming favorite visual poets in the thread to establish common ground and provide some examples? Visual poetry has a broad definition but it is a distinct genre (apart from asemic writing and concrete poetry, of course there is overlap)

I also said it seemed entirely appropriate in people wanted to do an homage to another visual poet. Thus, within the confines of the original concept, a chapter about Karl Kempton or Sheila Murphy (or anyone else you like) would be interesting and a nod to visual poetry as a genre.

So if Angie wanted to do a chapter about Matt Stolte, great. If Nancy wants to do a chapter about RR, great. You know, you want to leave it as open as possible yet have some cohesion to the project.

Nancy, I thought about do visual poems about Robert Rauschenberg myself (decided not to). I think it would be a stretch to call him a visual poet. He does use elements of language in his work. We found the same situation with Cy Twombly and asemic writing.

Sorry, spell chick is asleep at the switch again.

Well, DK, that's close to my heart. For me, David's the great visual poet of all time. You've all heard me go on about that. He is a member and has lots of work posted in his portfolio and other places that are great examples to look at. David has had serious health setbacks. He used to be here a lot.

Thanks for the helpful info, DVS. Rauschenberg as a "visual poet"--no, I wasn't thinking that, but wondering if certain of his combines would fall under the vispo category (unless one must do visual poetry exclusively to have any particular work fit the category). That I'm still not sure about.

Robert Nickle, not a visual poet but a huge inspiration to me, may end up being my homage subject.




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